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Why Illuminati Want Gold?

Donald Marshall - They like gold for many reasons

I'll tell you all about the gold thing. Why the illuminati want it so badly. It sounds pretty wierd though so be prepared.

There's something I'm soon going to have to share about gold... it's from phase 4 info. Why they want it so badly.

Hello peeps, well I have to delve slightly into something I was hoping I wasn't going to mention before because its kind of hard to fathom, even with everything I've already said, I only didn't say it because of how wierd it is, and vrill lizard and human cloning info is hard enough for people to wrap their heads around. Most important things anyway as most other big problems stem from them. This next thing involves many of the different topics I've already spoken about but all in one pretty much, Cloning ,...Vrill,...aaand headchips... it's the reason the illuminati want gold

Have to make many paragraph posts or page freezes,... OK. You've all heard me describe the smaller vrill type one lizard... caustic nasty spit, buut they regurgitate stomach acid, and their stomach acid must be the nastiest in the world... If you've kept up you've heard about it... vrill 2 and 3 dont have this... type 3 has narcotic like spit... anyways... Continued--->

ok the small lizards head is too small to insert a chip into with a human consciousness,... chips too big, vrill type 1's brains too small, SO they put the chip on a wire and insert the wire to the precice spot where the chip would have to go...and it just works.

they have put human consciousnesses temporarily into vrill type 1's they dont have much motor function and its disorienting but they do it, and I'll tell you why but I know it sounds absurd and I don't even want to say it but it HAS to be said...

they do this all the time...

this is why you see all the gold for dollars stuff all over tv,... they go through it... many people do... rich people.... aaand theres more..

not only do they swallow down the ground up gold,... people like Queen Elizabeth and Vladamir and them hav people to massage them and do other things to the lizard while its laying on the ground... they do it right out in the open...

they all act like their addicted to doing this,... BUT theyre not, I'll explain

yeah a bit of phase 4... i dont like saying it, it sounds unbelievable, and if I fail to raise the population on lizards were all in trouble, especially me.

so yeah they do the lizard thing, and eat gold, and some countries are pissed lik Germany, because Elizabeth and royals and their friends ate up all the gold lol that they were storing for germany, but replaced it with manufactured gold,... lacking the element,... works for everything else the same.

electrical conductivity 24k shiny make rings whatever,... but doesnt make vrill type ones superhigh.

phase 4 is unbelievable stuff that I'd rather have cloning or vrill proven first...

because its whack soundin, and I cant lose people because um trying to save the world here ... basically.

once one of the scumbags says yeah theres cloning yep, we were bad, but theres lizards we were scared of, Donald will explain lol then people will know cloning n lizards are true and rest will be true too,... then i retire lol

most important stuff is out now,... other stuff will get revealed in the great ratfest I'm anticipating,... because everyones going to try to save themselves,..Beyonce wants out yesterday lol

need more people lookin and i know many are just reading, but i dunno how many, and I have to have a lot of people looking. This stuff is too important to be swept under the rug.

Michael Taylor - Okay Donald i understand mate, could you please tell us via chat mate just you've got me intreged now , it sounds like there hoarding all the worlds gold which explains that gold that went missing from Fort Knox, sounds like there upgrading the LCH so they can produce gold

Donald Marshall - I dont know if theyre trying to make that gold particle but, they do eat it, I've watched it done there many times.

I have some demands on me lol... They dont want me to include everything thats gone on out there... want me to take back stuff, and lie. I said no.

theyre crazy on the gold eating thing, they do it everyday1

oh when the vrill shits the gold it is useless...

Bridget Melody Aloi - FYI.....looks like eating gold is not so weird, in fact it has huge health benefits. Kinda like collodal silver - there's collodal gold and monoatomic gold that can act upon the pituitary gland inducing an increase in hormonal production - works as a rejuvenation agent. Also, strengthens the heart and improves the production of red blood cells in bone marrow.

Donald Marshall - does more for a vrill lizard type one,... better than heroin to them.

does more for a vrill lizard type one,... better than heroin to them.

The illuminuts are very pissed that I mentioned the gold thing.

The Illuminati wanted me to tell you all that there is a group of several alien species united in an alliance called "The Covenant" This is not true and I won't play along with the agenda. They were going to fake a landing and have ultra technologically advanced "aliens" demand the world's gold supply.

Meghan Cousineau - The "gold stolen from the Earth", is it physical gold or something of a gold color coming out of human like urine (which would contain energy)?

Donald Marshall - They harvest many things.

Winston Smith - The contract can be broken by will power as long as your not chipped or droned- as far as ive seen...

Donald Marshall - No they're scared of the public swarming over them en masse and hauling them from their homes and pulling their arms off.

Ain't nothing returning, it's a set up, they will say they will take care of the vrill problem but they want the worlds gold supply. It's all a huge deception so the illuminati can get all gold lol


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

    I have read that for humans, gold is soul energy. That is where the term, 'gold fever' came from for the gold miners. For whatever reason I believe it.

    If you stop and think, look at all the other batshit crazy things that are true... nazis and vril, child raping, satanic lizards taking over human bodies and eating children, Progenitors, Secret Space Program and on and on... Earth Defense Force, cloning centers...

    Satanic, Reptilian lizards being fed 'soul energy' that act likes heroin to them is very believable.

    The Real Alex Rogan

  2. The Draco Reptilians ate gold to enable them to interdimensionally space travel.
    According to the book 'Alcheringa' by Valerie Barrow.

    1. Draco scientists, in my experience, are hooked on something that smells like cinnamon, if it is not truly cinnamon ... they really like that.

  3. They need gold also for so-called UFOs. Those flying machines are powered by electricity and use either something like Tesla's Wardencliffe tower, or better yet, the pyramids as power stations but they need to be covered in gold (great conductor) to be able to fly well. "UFOS" are regular patent of Nikola Tesla. He saw them in his country of origin, it is old Serbian technology (code Antarctica).


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