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Decapitated Head

Donald Marshall - Now... the "werewolves" I'm not gonna post the link, but in like 1950 scientists somewhere showed on tv, how they surgically removed a monkeys head and attached the head to aother monkeys body... monkey lived, was paralyzed but lived... They found out a way to keep heads alive by just recirculating the blood into a reservoir, oxygenating the blood and running it through a head again... same as futurama head in a jar thing... I'll pop a link to the decapitated dog they showed on tv... then the video to a song I made by Metric, which has references to the dog, the procedure, with descriptive references to the situation.... sec.

A Living Decapitated Dog

This is in the next metric video, watch.

METRIC "Help I'm Alive"

30 seconds into the metric video it makes references to this procedure, and all through the video really. Song is about cannibals and vrill and Robert pickton and his pigs on his farm.

Now they can do it without the paralysis... and what they do IS... they get a clone of a really hairy human... they get the removed head of a timberwolf... they temporarily attach it to the decapitated clone... they have to cut around the shoulders some down the chest and back to attach the wolfs head... its huge... anyway it looks DAMN real... BUT the incision where the head is attached is weak and the spinal connection is weak, you can rip the head off the thing without much effort... Like I told you... Gazillionaires with nothing to do go to great lengths to entertain themselves...

Mark Gilstrap - did u say that u wrote that ?

Donald Marshall - sang it. didn't write anything but nickelbacks Next Go Round. which means life as a dead chiphead, next run through life.


  1. I couldn't watch the dog thing. I cried. I'm not sure I've seen that at clone center. Thank Source God. Y aren't more people getting upset. These are crimes against humanity. The worst

  2. AnonymousMay 29, 2016

    the problem with getting people to give a damn about this is all the brainwashing and propaganda makes them reject anything that sounds "crazy" or "impossible" to them. it's hard for some people to have their belief systems challenged to that extreme. some can't handle to even let their minds go there. we have a psychologically unstable society. it's like people are in a coma and just ignore everything outside of their own boxed in lives.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2016

    people talk about the zombie apocalpyse not realizing that's already happened. take a look around. everyone is in techno trances. addicted to technology that alters their brainwaves.


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