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Internal Drug Dispenser

Donald Marshall - There's an internal drug dispenser on remote control with various chemicals in it. Drugs.

an internal drug injecter in the clone of me injects drugs into my system remotely... located around the apendix region, it contains different drugs in a white plastic block surgically implanted in the clone,... not pleasant drugs,... just debilitating drugs, the teenager or young adult then knocks my dizzy clone over sits on the stomach and pummels my clone to death,...

They tell most dizzy girl clones out there each night, that they want to have sex with that they're in the Astral plane or 5th dimension and inject them with multiple drugs from an internal drug dispenser surgically installed in each clone, multiple effects, then theres the audio video mk effects on top of that, they make you think that youre flying through clouds,... and it's convincing. They got it allll figured out.

I've watched so many dizzy good looking female clones in the arena, start to cry and say "where am I?" Your in the astral again they say... then they remotely drug them with an internal drug dispenser in each clone, different drugs,... sometimes they talk, sometimes they get an ugly old man out there and make the girl see an mk ultra visual effect of Brad Pitt over this old man... everyone else can see this is a scummy naked old man, but the girl see's Brad Pitt... like computer graphics layed over the reality but better. Then drugs little of this little of that, no needles, its an internal drug dispenser surgically implanted in the clone... most clones have them.

The illuminati tell so many people they are in the astral plane, then they mess with them for sport... no one ever know's they are a drugged clone... you feel all fuzzy and pleasant on the drugs, you think your in some pleasure dimension when it's going on.

They have in every clone there an internal drug dispenser and in this drug dispenser is herion, most clones there dont know about this implant, Ive told many but they just bring in a new oblivious group,.. Elizabeth hates me that badly that when the retards there start stabbing me and I automatically scream, she has Phil reece's brother on the control computer release a shot of herion into everyone,... they feel the rush and think its a magical pleasurable thing to torture me...she also tried to convince everyione there that I'm the antichrist and should be tortured,... she has no way to entertain anyone there,... once the novelty wears off theres nothing to do... literally... real AND clones... and children most of all...they call it shattering the innocence.


  1. Ok so this might explain why I am a heroin addict in real life. They really messed me up. Thanks a lot pap pap. You were my idle my everything when you were alive. How could you sell me out u Masonic pig. Will I ever be able to get clean in real life if every night my clone is zapped w dope. Wtf. It's got to stop. I am supp to go to rehab soon. I need to be healthy and clear minded to fight this evil. And I don't care what anyone thinks. I will be 100%honest and have no shame. I am who I am good the bad the ugly. But I am me. I am human and I am awesome. Fuck u illuminati scum. Excuse my language

  2. I am drugged in my dream world in deep sleep. I am tortured there and am forced to fly/teleport/ and levitate.

  3. Im not sure if ive been there I have alot of crazy and stupid retarded dreams anyways so its a big posibilityif any has seen me plz say so i@ sick of the liessss.


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