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The Voynich Manuscript

Donald Marshall - The Voynich (Voinage) Manuscript is a book made in the 1400's It's language is in code and it's decyphering code cannot be figured out by scholars... but it has pictures, The book is about Occult and herbalism and the internal Earth... the Illustrations show representations of people being taken down there and set into bloodletting apparatus. The Vrill did bring people down there and were droning people back then too... they had a breeding program set up for humans back then down there... and they still do this today.

This next link is an illustration of one of the bloodletting scenes... the persons feet would be in hot water heated as the loss of blood would make the feet cold.

The greatest scholars of the world are stumped at the pictured and can't decypher the written coded language... they showed me this years ago at the cloning center,... once you have read my wall YOU know what it means. :)

there is also an old manuscript about levels of hell that is about Vrill and the internal Earth... they called it the levels of Hell... and the cave thats supposed to be an entrance to hell... is just an entrance to the depths miles and miles until your in the hollows... Lotsa Vrill lizards down there.

They told me it was an old vrill disclosure book which cant be translated anymore, has pics of bloodletting apparatus they called it, the bigger vrill supposedly had set up back then deeeeep underground. But they lie a lot so ya never know,lol

Supposed to be a vril disclosure book on the low. Then some called it an art project. Then a herbalism book. Shows people underground hooked up to blood letting apparatus. Also a bunch of women in a pool. Vrill used to get menstrual women to bleed in this pool communally. They like that blood more.There's also a glow in the dark fungus or moss underground they put the blood on. Makes it taste better to them.

Supposedly it has descriptions of plants that are toxic to different types of vrill.

Laurence Mountford - who would that be for then? allies to vrill? like a manual on how to help them?

Donald Marshall - Back then they were supposedly watched by hosts. So they had to be hinty like they are today or they'd be killed.

Laurence Mountford - seems like most of the stuff in this world then.. humans hinting to future humans.. its that desperate..

Donald Marshall - Very.

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