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Donald Marshall (Sat. November 10, 2012) - if you get the rfid chip even in your arm it acts as a brain chip, theyve upgraded the technology, they can upload a dead consciousness into you and it only takes a short time for them to become coherant... but once the chip is shut down the original person comes back into control,... not vrill drones tho,.. its permanent and there is no coming back... gotta kill them off, original person if effectively brain dead


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - Unsure if the RFID can do consciousness transfer, but they hinted that to me at cloning, They're always upgrading technology everyday, and the chips use the minute electric current that naturally runs through everyone, they probably don't need to be in your head anymore. I'm not certain on that point though.


Meghan Cousineau (April 2013) - Can scans reveal the dead chips? And is this linked to the fact they want to chip people for "ID"? I.e. being able to deactivate anyone and take over their body?

Donald Marshall - so theyve said. I didnt know if the rfid chips can work like headchips, but probably can now, theyre always upping the technology, and chips can go by the slight electric charge in everyones body. the chips may have an unknown compound coating that masks them.


Astral Light:

Hope2601 Pt 10, Adam Savage and "The RFID Censorship Question"

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  1. Hey Don. I want a disc ship too but w chameleon color changing paint wink wink


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