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Kurt Cobain

Maria (Thur. December 19, 2013) - did kurt cobain kill himself?

Donald Marshall - yeah Kurt suicided but supposedly went to dead clone or dead chiphead,... then they also said Courtney Love his wife had him killed for money, I dunno for sure.

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Kurt Cobain self medicated, once he got famous the cloners wanted to bang him more... clone sex slave... but they really used em then,... he wanted out then... but once your in your in.

Donald Marshall (June 2013) - Kurt Cobain is a remade person from the past. His name was Vercingetorix... King of the Gaulic Empire. (France now)

Sean Gatchell (April 2014) - I've noticed that through years of listening to music, that turned out you had made. Even Kurt Cobain admitted to it, which is why Nirvana was so big in the first place. All in the melody.

Donald Marshall - simple psychology though, with the rise and falls the cresendo chorus stanzes and all that. I'm kinda Nirvana. kurt Cobain hated me... I'll just say

he was a host and I'm glad he is dead anyway but he bitched about how he had to scream the songs I made em...said it ruined his throat,... and he wanted to showcase his voice but had to yell em out like I did or aliens get mad fucked up does that sound? so I dont say a lot... lol

some die hard nirvana fan will be along now to scold me... little does he know i am Nirvana...except "Curmudgeon"... Kurt wrote that noise. he was retarded dude. something about he's got his hand up on the mantle by where the stockings go at christmas and he's not santa he's the claws...i dunno I haven't heard that retardedness for 15 years now. that song sucked. Nirvana - curmudgeon

Phil Chuppa - thats from samurai champloo anime, so your the out of place warrior? Very nicely done track. That show they contrast feudal japan with contemporary music, I always wondered why they put in that traditional styled song.

Donald Marshall - I can only speak so much Japanese... it worked... no one questioned the off language. 

messages all in Nirvana. drain you is about aliens eating people.

Nirvana - Drain You

wanna hear the sound everyone makes when vrill spit goes through their veins? If they have air in their lungs?

1:42 baby vrill type 1's the last sound you make... when vrill type 1's swarm's a buncha stuff...a corrosive acid and a neurological toxin... it really kills ya... LOL!!! XD! 2:28 I made this entire tune dude

Sean Gatchell - How does it affect neurological processes?

Donald Marshall - it's a couple of hints... but Nirvana is all hints...

Phil Chuppa - ungodly creepy Don I hear both (shudder)

Donald Marshall - shuts em down one by one. yeah...fukkin crabnasties. shits not good. now theres more shit and the crabnasties are their pets? oh thats grand... LOL!!!! oh schnapp!

Sean Gatchell - Did you see them feed children to the swarms many times? Once would be enough to fuck you up, but I am trying to picture how often they provided kids for this sort of thing.

Donald Marshall - i hate draconians. I hate all that shit.

only one vrill needed on kids didnt see swarms on kids... on me...but other kids only takes 1 vrill. saw that a few times yep.

while making the drain you song there... I'd juuust seen that. they lemme make it because they knew even them I would rat on em in future...humans want out. aliens think its a game.

Jesher Perigord (February 2014) - Hey Donald... Do you have any thoughts on Kurt Cobain? Also, are there any mainstream or semi-mainstream artists that you respect based on their artistic and/or moral merit?

Donald Marshall - kurt was mean, and a bisexual junkie, I didn't like him. I like haley Williams singing voice, it is one of the best singing voices I've ever heard.

Jesher Perigord - Did you interact with him personally? For that matter, do you have any thoughts on Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, or Tom Waits? Also sorry for bombarding you, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath were some of my favorite musicians growing up --- I'm curious as to what you think of them

Donald Marshall - I dont like em. couple of them are going to get beat up in the end. chili peppers are a buncha junkie fags. tortured me as clones, i'm gonna put it back on em though.

the songs were me. theyre just the performers.

the messages were sometimes heartfelt and real, but the words and melody made by me, they just copy.

Jesher Perigord - but mostly I love you if you really wrote those songs. If you really, really, REALLY fucking wrote those songs... then you sincerely have a piece of my heart

Donald Marshall - really really did. absurd amount of songs and bands, they'll probably list them at the end. made more hit songs than anyone on Earth ever.

Jesher Perigord - You're crazy. That's crazy. I'm crazy. We're all crazy. This is crazy.

Donald Marshall - it would be abnormal for me not to be slightly crazy by now. lol

Jesher Perigord - Fair enough. I was watching some of your interviews earlier today --- I actually do really like your voice, but I wonder how you sound when you sing

Donald Marshall - i'd do impressions while singing,... different voices. styles.

Donald Marshall (November 2012) - Kurt Cobain only made one song called Curmudgeon,... I AM Nirvana,... Nirvana is a plane of existance like heaven and its where they tell some clones thery are when theyre there... spirit realm shang ri la, 5th dimension 3rd 7th astral plane... its all bs, theyre just at the cloning centers... even did remakes for songs for Nirvana, like a song for the Vasalines a band... but I make them better... mostly original tunes though...just a few remakes of old songs... very few.... Hole too... with Courtney love,... same.... too many.... Bryan adams, Beyonce,... too many... once it all comes to light you guys are gonna say Don,... you told us it was a lotta songs BUT YOU NEVER SAID THAT MANY!!! hahahhahahah.

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  1. Donald Marshall good insight and here some proof of the homosexuality with anthony kiedis and eddie vedder to show Donald is a valid deal in the info thanks Donald.

    Not good with links so copy and paste to see,yes the chili peppers and pearl jam are gay but too they also supported three murderers who sacrificed three second grade kids with full obvious NDA links and these gay bands funded to get the three satanic lovers out of death row. Tells me these bands are violent at clone central and here we pay to see them play! Goes for many rappers too..


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