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Selena Gomez

Donald Marshall - Selena Gomez is a little monster pig... Supposedly not even a real person,... Supposed to be a nun from the past from mexico that supposedly had great beauty... Could be bs I dont know, but thats what they said,... You wouldnt think she was so cute if she was sitting on your chest digging a knife in your face saying I need a new song I need a new song, sing me the next song and I'll stop cutting your face, I dont want to do this to you,... Just sing it... You did it a thousand times before sing it... Looking around smiling at the crowd,... Making sure people are looking at her... She is a monster thing...

They [Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez] dont get hurt or anything, theyre priveledged members... They're prostitutes basically for anyone that can endorse them... Both of them use songs from me... Selena wanted ideas for the love u like a love song video... I couldnt think of anything so I said since shes mexican, and I like did some stuff for the star wars movies I said ok have a piniatta party and use a pink light saber... Um in the 80's I used to watch a show about a computer guy named Max Headroom... Do yerself up like him... Then dress up like a debutante wig n powder on yer face... I dunno... Just random ideas... So she did... She couldnt think of anything for the video anyway... Shes a cold soul,... And yes I know she looks so cute and culdnt hurt a fly... She would gut a child for a new album... Do not be fooled... She is not normal. .

Question - Justin Beiber....What is his personality like...??

Donald Marshall - at first he was mean... following the crowd... scared... but when he realized he wasn't in danger he turned nicer, refused to torture me personally... had someone else torture me while I was in restraints though until I could come up with another song for him... same with his gf... so he ain't THAT nice .... they will both be answering for much someday... I plan to sue them both in future.

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  1. Selena Gomez is depicted on the Illuminati card "clone" or so it would seem to me...


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