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Rowdy Piper, Alex Jones & Sean Stone: Aliens In Human Bodies

@ 10:09 - 10:33 Alex Jones - The globalists are like psychopaths. They’re building a psychopathic world government, so the allegory of them being space aliens in They Live is absolutely accurate. Because these aren’t like regular people and they punch our emotional buttons. They punch our human buttons to cold-bloodily control us, so how do we learn how the psychopaths operate? So we’re aware of their tricks, so as good people we can come together and not blow the planet up.

@ 23:35 - 24:05 Sean Stone - There are sociopaths. There are people that’s part of the population that are sss that that have no emotion, they are not human. And I think the human race that has not yet come to terms with the fact that there’s 10 percent of the population that are sociopathic that do not have human emotion or boundaries. And they are not human, so when we say “hey we’ll give him a pass, he’s human. Hey he can you know, he made a mistake.” We’re we’re not understanding that ??? the They we’re talking about is a small percentage of the population that does not care about humanity.

@ 30:41 - 30:46 Alex Jones - There are people genetically I think uhh who who really aren’t human.

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