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A Little Blonde Girl...

Donald Marshall...

I just thought of kids
I saw them die....
In too much pain i would think of this time these days
Once they brought this lil blonde girl there
Um do you not want me to say?
Its vrill dinner
Ok um they wanted to see the effect this would have on me... They knew kids liked me honest face or slmething so they brouvht her there. She was 5. Sunday school church goer
Parents sold her out for good jobs in govt
They only wanted sons... Anyway they said come meet jesus lil molly jesus is here the new one
I tried to make her not scared she was a real person not a clone...
They um had a pit a cylindrical pit like a well...
Dug out of the dirt in the middle with a foot high door on the bottom...
Um oops see that pause???
I just stopped and froze...
Kk wow that was wierd ok
Um the door was a foot tall at the bottom of the shaft and when not in use this shaft was covered by an iron plate and covered with dirt
She came out kissed me held my hands in wonderment... I didnt think i was jesus but id play along to get out once more until the fated day i would destroy them
So were talking she asks if gods nice i said yeah...
Um then shes huggin me kissin me. Innocently... U know kid stuff
They asked if i wanted to show her the love i said no
She didnt know what sex was
Said something like you dont love me and started to cry quietly
Um played pattycake
Um then i thought she was in the clear... Her parents juuust wanted her to touch me
Get good luck or something....... No
Phil reece. Fished around in the dirt and pulled on a chain... The chain attached to the two corners of thelate
This was the first time id seen it...
Not threw lowered... She wasnt scared cuz i was there
Um she laughed as he lowered her in by the arms...
Someone came over with a video camera and made video feed to the two bkgscreens
They watched... Um... The foot tall door slid up
Rotten little thing came out
Um slowlh and with methodical confidence
She um was scared but tried to say like awww what are you your cute
But it smelled bad down there and she had instinctual fear
Like lookin at a spider anna scorpion at the same gime
Id seen vrill before... Theyd eaten me some before buncha times then would apologize when i was in next clone... But clones taste bad to em... Nlt the same slmethings missing
So... Then it advanced... And k tried to go to the edge... Phil reece grabbed me and said just waaaatch
I was hoping against hope it was a joke
But ... It scared her advancing... Um jesus she said???
My eyes were locked in horror on the bigscreens
Then it scared her more.... Adrenaline in theyre blood is gasty to them... They scare animals this way for the same reasons
It came over and bit her leg she screamed and said jesus help meee
I tried to fight past phil but nope couldnt i was weakened or something i was almost fainting or something
She fell paralyzed
Um totally conscious though
Umnterrified.... Jesus jesus jeeeesussss help meeee omg
Kept calling for me i was freakin out couldnt see through the tears
I heard her growin weaker still jesus jesus.... Then. Very softly, i hate you jesus
And she died... And more came out the hole and drained her blood then. Um ate parts... Glands n stuff... Specific parts... Pancreas they like...
To them tastes like canteloupe
Um they called me soft... Weak
I was delirius with grief
I still am.... I will kill them all...
I will exginctify the species i will kill yahweh the 5000 year old god of torture and suffering
And i will clean the world up....
Ya... So glad i have ghe opportunity to stop it
Ill be back i gotta calm down


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2016

    When I was 4 a asain family approached my parents and offered them a lot of money to buy me, My mum screamed at them, to fuck off, she told the police and she said they didn't give a shit, they ignored her, she said the asians had a little blonde haired girl with them with blue eyes, she looked just like me, my mum said she looked sad with her head down, holding a Asian lady's hand, I've always dreaded what could of happened to her, after reading this, I feel very sick. I know this really happens, I am from Australia

  2. Is Don really saying this?: " I will exginctify the species i will kill yahweh the 5000 year old god of torture and suffering
    And i will clean the world up...."

    Didn't Don say he believed in God. Does he believe in Jesus because God's son is Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. He's not a God of torture and suffering; the evil being done is of the Devil. Can someone clarify exactly what Don is saying here???

    1. Anonymous Donald was forced to PLAY like he was Jesus...the new Jesus, so the little girl wouldn't be afraid.
      Oh it breaks my heart her calling out for Jesus to help -

  3. Oh man I know you hurt so bad over this Donald,I'm sorry they let you remember this.

  4. anon september,26: jesus was no more god than you or i; we ALL have the ability to connect to divine source/god...listen to what jesus actually said...

  5. AnonymousJuly 02, 2017

    This is something horrific, Donald, so horribly traumatic, I can guarantee You God is good, and Jesus is God in the flesh, and these evil perverts are of their God, the devil!!!! Please trust in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


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