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Donald Marshall - droning tool I heard. holy symbol to em,... but the loop at the end takes the eye out of the socket carefully so vrill type 3's can parasite.


  1. the ankh represents a breath of fresh air, new earth. the ankh represents life the sun and creation , the new us the new earth

    1. The Ahnk is the symbol of life.. the loop represents female anatomy and the rest the male anatomy

  2. I was taught about a binary solar system-the horizontal line of the ankh represents the milky way galaxy and the long vertical line represents the path their star system takes and the loop represents how their star system orbits our sun before being flung back out again. 3,655 year orbits. This could be wrong but it seems to make sense, especially as the Masons etc like to use binary code so much.

  3. Ankh = Eternal Enslavement Symbol. Always come back to the same starting point life after life. Meaning eternal life. Which is good for some and bad for some.


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