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Super Soldiers

Donald Marshall - I've been introduced to many "super soldiers" abductees that don't know exactly what is going on and are manipulated and decieved near daily since childhood.

The Mk Ultra scenarios we have been put through are like short films they watch to test our reactions and bravery and strength in the face of adversity... BUT the super soldiers are grown up now, and after 30 years old sometimes the memories will trickle back to you, so they induct these people into the illuminati around that time or they just kill them...

you only don't fear death, because you don't care anymore... they saw no hope... they have hope now, and do fear death, because they want to see the fireworks at the end. All super soldiers get is quick reaction time, ability to act quickly, ability to deal with shock and traumatizing situations better than anyone because they've previously seen so much worse... hand and eye coordination is better and split second life and death problem solving. But there are drawbacks...and when they overtrain you, you get Mk Ultra mindblown. different people have different limits.

Some of the "super soldiers" at the cloning center went dark side over the years and are willing loyal agents of the Illuminati now... due to fear and or greed. Not me, My conscience would never allow me to be down with the Illuminati or any affiliated faction

Wow, "super soldiers" are pretty mean as clones, thanks you ss's for making me feel ill all day because you wanted to show off for the multitude of celeb clones there, BTW all of you so called super soldiers should know something, the other clone freaks there like to have a little inside joke on the abbreviation of your tag name (SS's) they snicker there when you take pride in your ss status, because... They say ss's stands for sex slave. Ha! I was going to tell you "supers" (including the memory suppressed ones) tech used on them and methods used to deceive them but they had to gang me literally practicing mind tech shit on my clone, like I'm a dog or less... Someone better start spitting out some truth soon or the ss's can figure it out for themselves. Which they won't because they won't tell you how the stuffs done,... They liked me because of the damn songs and thought I was absolutely loyal, they wanted to impress me with the powerful technologies they employ... I'm sick now I'm going to sleep no more blabbing at me as clones out there. I repeat do not bother me as clones at the cloning center do not participate in any bs "ss's".

Yeah I seen them gettin conditioned. I got conditioned too the ss's don't talk much about clone sexytime they kinda disclose that aspect from official disclosure. Lol

Did include that aspect I meant. Message correcter. · 

just about all the ss's attend the cloning center and LIKE IT!!! The celeb clones, the clone sex techniques and they withhold the truth from the public.

Lorien [Fenton] and the ss's are runnin a raquet, they make a nice chunk of change off terrified people that have been cloned and think they've been abducted by aliens,... in future when all is made clear, they are going to be in some lot of trouble... lol Like how do you stay silent about an alien threat and turn a profit off of it? 75% of them know what is going on, but keep filling their pockets.

and now I have multiple duplicate accounts of these so called super soldiers joining my friends list with 1 friend and a new account,... they will wait for juuuust the right moment and try to... "super shill" me... in a united effort. Good luck "Super Slaves"

bunch of those "Super Soldiers" AKA (clone center ass suckers) need a punch in the face.

soon the so called super soldiers will pay. :)

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  1. Donald? what should I do?.... I want to help awaken people but those who claim to be awake aren't even awakended. they are just using spirituality as a way to seem "cool"...


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