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Where'd You Go - Fort Minor (Murdok Dubstep Remix)

Where'd You Go - Fort Minor (Murdok Dubstep Remix)

Donald Marshall (June 2012) - that song whered you go... by fort minor, was remixed by me years ago... they were so confident they allowed my clone to be recorded my actual voice in a remix of it by Murdok dubstep remix... my voice sings along with the woman at the end... can slmeone pop up the video with Tila [Tequila] on the picture with the machinery on her head?

I fell in love with Tila years ago at the cloning center she did not want me...Being a clone and more emotiomal I cried and cried inconsolable she said sorry she ,ikes girls it was during the time I was pretending to be a member to garner info on how to escape they started messing with Tilas mind then... unbeknownst to me the machinery on her head is representative lf the mental manipulation they put her through in tribute to me...I again dedicate the song to Tila...Tila is on the pic with machinery on her head

my actual voice singing along the second half....Im so sorry Tila....

Pablo Cabrera - Do u still love her ?

Donald Marshall - have to I was the cause of her mental problems they were caused by the nwo trying to get her secretly and ruin her life for not agreeing tl be with me...can you guys pop up the one with tilas pic with the machinery on her head? its her a joke to them...

Jason Thunderbeing - the pic that is up is that not her?

Celine O'carroll - donny is that tila in that video....doesnt look like her

Donald Marshall - younger her... a representation...

Celine O'carroll - is that the pic u wanted up?

Donald Marshall - not her in the flesh... a representation...yeah but theres another one has her pic on all the time n bigger was saving this info for when she joined us .... secret messages to me that I gave my word i wouldnt copy and paste have been erased from her end....she knows Im bound by my word...

Celine O'carroll - looking....shud i b lookn for any other words...or just murdok dubstep remix?

Donald Marshall - i dunno... it still shows her... till you enlarge it then just sez murdock dubstep not only is it dedicated to her... its about her... I sang it in front of her...trying to make her fall in love with me I unknowingly caused her much strife. they victimized her for sport....i didnt know.... i said dont do anything to her then they mk'd me to say.... warp her mind as a favor to me...She knows now it wasnt my doing but I fear she is dead now....I will never forgive myself....
if shes gone ill persevere soldier on this is too important to fall now. been waiting 31 years for this

she was so innocent....they were bringing her there since childhood too but memory suppressed then a few songs from me... and a reality tv show and she was locked in then tried to go on video saying she was being taken into another dimension where demons (vrill) were and where the queen of england and others ate children everyone thought she was schitzo or drug cfazed they know now bjt kt may be too late for her

Im so sorry Tila...may be too late for her..isnt the picture heartbreaking given what we know about Tila now? no one would help her said she was a drug addled retard attention seeker. she almost died trying to do what Im doing now...

For Tila Tequila... Mind controlled Illuminatti clone slave...pic is a representation of her they included to make fun of her. 

terribly true... they messed her up bad...omg i feel horrible.... she had not be dead now... i am so worried about her... the picture is so sad. had better not

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