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Donald Marshall - Sweet Rihanna does NOT want the public to know that she tortured me ALSO she doesn't want people to know she is hmmm how do I say this without sounding crude ummm an assembly line skag-whore. Yeah thats about right... see in the beginning of her career she was just a dominican prostitute... they cloned her in, said let this 80 year old rich jewish guy bang your clone whenever he wants and all his friends and well... whoever else he wants you to... like selling your soul,.. youll be rich and famous... she agreed... then....

they said we got this guy.... he makes songs while under the knife we torture the guts out of em, he makes top 10 songs to get us to stop, its amazing,... he will make you songs too... just never tell anyone about it or we might have to kill you.

she agreed... I made her nearly every song she sings... I'm taking all of her mone, then she's going to have a garage sale and sell most of her belongings and then I'm taking that money too.

she knows this.

They kept giving her the songs,... she would bang anyone there, like a robot on an assembly line, didnt matter who they were or what they looked like, anything for fame and fortune,... shes a superpig lol

Short update, Rihanna said recently at cloning that she disfigured herself with this disgusting tattoo in apology to me... for all she's done to me....

Amelia Air-heart - she s a drone?

Donald Marshall - unknown.

Dennis Ondeyko - she is a wanna bee reptilian.........i heard she is a mother goddess as well

Donald Marshall - justa pretty slave.

Rihanna got new scaly hand tattoo's?


Rihanna Disturbia w/lyrics 

It's a thief in the night to come and grab you...( rem consciousness transfer) it can creep up inside you and consume you. (vrill proboscis)A disease of the mind it can control you. (vrill parasiting the brain and becoming you) I feel like a monster (human host)

Jessica Lookatmenow Brown - Exactly Don! The song and lyrics immediately popped in my head when I came across this post!

Donald Marshall - Made lots for Rihanna... had to be cryptic or they'd make me do it over and re-word it.

They almost didn't use the song as is. Too hinty... They wanted it called Disturbia for a movie or sitcom they were releasing.

Jessica Lookatmenow Brown - Yeah there's a movie called Disturbia wit Shia Lebow (however u spell it). My question is the Vril and Rihanna cohabiting her body or wut? I'm confused on that? Is Rihanna soul there or??? Plz clearify. Brown Or is she Isis?

Donald Marshall - unknown what she is...

Remember when Rihanna got the weird scale looking tattoos on her whole hand? She is trying to cover it now... Not much fixing that mess...

she was making a lizard reference... and is now trying to make it less ugly.

Crazy as it sounds, I'll just say... Britney Spears, Timbaland, Rihanna and Beyonce, all stabbing clones of me with ice picks last time... in the face and all over... everyone in the crowd watching. Went on for a while, everyone in the crowd watching with sick fascination as I screamed. They have no fear of justice, In future whether I am dead or not, I want these people to pay dearly.

Travis Sisnett - Hey Donald thanks for the add, i wanted to show you this video and song. It is extremely symbolic and was hoping for your input on this as well as Eminem as a whole. I truly admire your courage man. Keep fighting!

 Eminem - The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna

Donald Marshall - Hinty song, I don't like him.

That's a good question you ancient Egyptian freak of biological science.

Rihanna - What Now (Official)

Least I didn't have anything to do with this song,... good to know the "Illuminati Princess" is branching out... lol

:O :)

Watch yo eye.

She's referred to herself as an Illuminati princess at cloning.... but then Whitney houston used to too, so what's that worth? lol

Sherna Bharucha - Her soul. That's all.

Donald Marshall - no, when she wakes up in the morning, she knows what shes done as clones while in rem stage,... and cant wait to get to sleep to go do some more clone whackiness.

Read her finger. :) 

Donald Marshall - Tyrel, read Rihanna's finger...

Tyrel Hunnisett - Shhh

Donald Marshall - ya...She didn't read the fine print in the contract though and she wants her soul back. and I'm the get outta hell free's not free though, that bitch owes me a lotta money.

Tyrel Hunnisett - what is that writing below her collar bone? Anyone know?

Karen Winrow - Do you know what the tattoo is Donald? The one on her shoulder?

Eric Pete - "Never a failure, always a lesson" but, it is back-ass-ward, for when she stares at

Donald Marshall - what do you think? 

Karen Winrow - I think the poor girl is f#@ked! lol

Donald Marshall - price of fame nowadays. She doesn't want to end up like Whitney Houston though.

Dennis Ondeyko - she is saying there is only what? one set of these disgusting long nails. oh, no their not

Donald Marshall - no,... she is saying shoosh about the eye thing...

I made the song "Umbrella" for her [Tila Tequila]... she was supposed to sing it, but cant sing that well... so they let Rihanna do it.

Rihanna - Umbrella

Lina Seeka - ok. i know what i was going to ask u. saw this rihanna & shy ronnie tune. cant remember name. hang on. ronnie & clyde. is it a dig at you?

Donald Marshall - dunno, might be... they do that a lot.

Lina Seeka - in front of her. hes all shy. she tells him to use his outside voice ... the name ronnie .. & the way the video went ... seemed like it could have been.

Kenya Noriee Robins - Don can you tell me about Drake ...the rap artist??

Donald Marshall - could...

Kenya Noriee Robins - Is he gay?? And like the rest of them?? Did you make any of his songs?

Donald Marshall - He is Bi-sexual His relationship with Rihanna was set up so he could gain fame

I joke out there saying to Tila, if she clearly just says about the place and me and the songs and stuff,... I'll just give her my "Rihanna" money lol and that ALONE should set her fer life pretty good

beware of Tila. unsure of her intentions, and unbeknownst to some she does possess a certain level of power and influence you could say lol. she is the daughter of someone very powerful. asian people are so wierd about the soap opera clone dramma we had there they made a song n video about it with rihanna n coldplay guy,. whom I BOTH made the songs for... big drama bs. 

Coldplay - Princess Of China ft. Rihanna

bunch of people mailing me saying im jesus Im not... Im so not....... youll know Im not when I meet Rihanna in person and punch her in the face as hard as I can :) Jesus wouldnt do that would he? :)

gazardiel - Rihanna worships the devil

Donald Marshall - yep

I made every song for rihanna aaand beyonce that theyve done in mainstream except somethin rihanna did in another language

Umbrella song cant have any sublims in reversing the track mang orry,... I woulda had to have set that up,... And I sang that from start to finish to avoid getting hurt as a clone and just deactivated there again... But jay z did the first lil rappy line intro to rihanna... All words melody me in one take as clones...

? - eminem and the way you lie 

Donald Marshall - I dislike Marshall Mathers, almost as much as I dislike Rihanna,... made this bout me n gettin tortured, I think they tried to put the spin on it that it was about domestic abuse,... Marshall stabbed me in the throat as clones and I kept punching at him,, thats where the line steel knife in the windpipe came from...

Rihanna is scum yes,... next time I go to sleep the fat assed crackwhore will be right in my face with elizabeth why ya talk about me huh why? um gonna stab you everytime you mention me, and she will be shaking as if SHES in shock scared... but she is an evil thing... she hurts lots of people there,... walking around like SHES royalty nose all in the air, all the ringleaders snickering to themselves as she is less than nothing to them.

no ive mentioned this but will say again as its funny,... TE REASON FOR RIHANNAS AND CHRIS BROWNS FIGHT,... ---> Well rihanna has tortured me chained up to the cross shes tortured others innocents brought there against theyre will she tells them shes brought them to her own dimension sometimes in costume and hurts them she gets a sick fascination about it... anyway chris and her thought it would be a good idea and a cool showcase for rihanna to torture her boyfriend chris brown,... lol ok so im i the stands keeping my mouth shut hoping time passes and i wake up, so chris is chained to the same cross, she says what level of pain sensors honey? trying to look sexy she had a knife, he looks around ALL the biggest celebs and politically powerful people,... they try to coordinate sleeping schedules for special events, SO Chris said oh well whatever you put Don on, nothin lower...(FULL PAIN) they asked if he was sure he said hey i aint no pussy if he can do it I can... but i cant do it id run but im anyway they set em to full pain sensors... they can make you painless too, anyway she gave him a shallow stab to the shoulder, he screeched like a little girl and said no stop, Rihanna looked as if a trance had come over her and said but its just clone pain baby, stab.. he screeched high pitch and looked around embarrassed and said ok stop bitch it hurts too bad, again she said but its just clone pain baby, and ran the blade across his bare chest slow,... and went back the other way and she looked like she was unable to stop, blood was gushing he was screaming threw up and someone in the crowd yelled REE!!!

well that snapped her out of it people came out and released chris and helped him away rihanna went back to her seat all full of blood shaking looking traumatized I was laughing only one in the whole place,... see chris didnt realize, its not toughness, its the fact im chained down or paralyzed when they tortured me... anyway they were in real life arguing about it together and Chris said AND ITS RECORDED IN COURT DOCUMENTS "Now Im gonna kill you for real bitch" and he started punching her but he was smaller back then and not much of a fighter she got on top she was bigger than him lol this is why he resorted to biting... Rihanna deserved what she got in my opinion and if shes ever in front of me in real life Ive never hit a girl in real life before but Ill smash her way worse than Chris did :)

lol she quoted him saying that in court hahaha he couldnt SAY um yeah but she cut me up as clones hahaha... he was pissed trying to explain that somehoe lol



  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL ..LOL speechless man

  3. Madonna? And does the satanic high priest have anything to do with this or the industry?

  4. Madonna? And does the satanic high priest have anything to do with this or the industry?

  5. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    Thank you Don, for clarification. I always knew, ever since I was a child, that film clips and songs have secret messages in them, i would be in a trance every time i watched them, trying to figure out the message, i always thought it was the celbs trying to help themseleves with the secret messages, but now i know the truth, your messages are working :) i show people the secret messages behind everything! Thank you for leaving so many, and movies, i always thought to myself with certain deaths that i have seen on movies, that it was real, i always felt that, we watch snuff movies all the time and don't even realise, well most of us don't, i watch celebrity interviews and study them, a lot, I can see in their eyes the evil, some evil, some seem sad, most seem braindead, cough* johnny dead* i mean depp... It makes me laugh sometimes, i get their inside jokes, but the crowd does not, but they laugh anyway? It blows my mind how mindless we all are? I laugh about it a little, then feel disgusted, then angry, then sad, then back to confusion, I dont understand how so many people are in denial about all of this? WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH DEEP DOWN we are all connected somehow we feel what others feel one way or another. People feel my frustration, we should all be frustrated, angry! We should demand truth and stand up for ourselves God damn it! But what do I know, I am just a "crazy conspiracy theriost" yeah right, keep telling yourselfs that sheeple, whatever helps your little minds sleep at night... Funny side note, I've called people sheeple my whole life, non one taught me to that, I just did, why? Because we all connected! So stop denying the god damn truth be brave andbstand up for yourselfs ffs that is all for now

  6. Wtf?! The tattoo she got was done from two maoris here in NZ, known as a tamoko but they fucked it up bad, cos they decided to do it the traditional way instead of modern. Alot of people are ashamed of the shit job they did too! Cos that fuckin tattoo resembles NOTHING like a tamoko!

    Makes sense as to the stupid looking triangle things they plastered all over her hideous fucking hands. That tattoo was a disgrace to the Maori race. But makes more sense to the pain she went through to say she was saying sorry to you Don. Wack mole. Hand me some fucking dynamite and il blow each and every one of those fucking centres to smithreens!


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