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Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Lenny Bloom and Jane Steele... Long story about them... Id originally went to them for help... They were very excited to know about cloning and everything did interview with them they said they were going to share it with the world... Thennnn they were cloned and threatened and turned against me... Hurt me as a clone... And in exchange for betraying me and joining the nwo/illuminati, they got a bigger shhow bigger stage and sponsored by them ... They still go to the cloning center... Their show is called shock talk with Bloom and Steele.... They get bigger names on their show now and are doing well since selling me out lol... No exaggeration, they betrayed me for a big show... Lookit their before and after stages lol...


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - Bloom and Steele. Had a crappy small show did it out of a small office... interviewed me, said they knew people and that I would be fine now... time passed, they were helping, then they get cloned into the place and threatened. Drop Donald and don't help him and we will give you a good program to do... they did... now they have a big sound stage and camera men, lol... anyone that menions me gets blocked and ignored.


Donald Marshall (September 2012) - [Alex] Jones in it, David Icke is in it, [David] Wilcock is in it, Bloom and Steele are in it... Theyre all on the payrol. Talking about what theyre allowed to talk about,... Mind you they'd die if they talked, I'm surprised I'm still alive actually, was expecting an aneurysm by now...

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