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B.o.B ft. Eminem & Hayley Williams - Airplanes

B.o.B. ft. Eminem and Hayley Williams- Airplanes Part 2 Lyrics

Donald Marshall (September 2013) - Ever actually listen to the words? Ever wonder who Eminem is insulting at the end, it's not fellow rapper B.O.B. (also) tell me what you think of the melody behind this song, without the words. (just my curiousity)

Said Haley n Laney in it to infer that he was berating himself, but he wasn't... just put that in,... then there was the reference to bob about missing the rap olympics plane, but the rest was pretty much just makin fun of me,... this is the revised version of the origibal I made, while Hailey Williams were laying on our backs watching the night sky,... she asking me for a song...

the rappy dappies had to join in... needed da new "joint"

can you guess what my wish was if I'd had one? instantaneous death of all of them with each cloning place turned to dust. 

He regrets those lines now...told me at cloning,... doesn't want me to bring attention to it.

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