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Donald Marshall (Sat. January 23, 2016) - Illuminati card game card. 13013. B.o.B. Strange. I've wondered before what this one was about. Bob


Donald Marshall (Tue. July 5, 2016)

Ari Rautio - So what's up?

Vincent Pelletier - Been having an especially shitty time lately?

Donald Marshall - B.o.b

Vincent Pelletier - Just searched around but I cant find anything recent that you could mean. :O Hope everything's good between you two.

Donald Marshall - Lol

Ari Rautio - He never REALLY talked about Donald Marshall... just another celebrity who would like to be saved.

Donald Marshall - No There's more to it. He is scum. I will destroy him.

Honour Yildirim - Hmmm I'm intrigued as to what happened :/

Donald Marshall - I'll say soon. Then bug eyed bob will be destroyed.

naganegusjiIs - kanye in trouble? Is he w us or them? Please, I never try to trouble you w questions. Wait, what about b.o.b. was a Friken movie. Hmph. Peace, love, respect

donaldmarshallofficial - Kanye is with them. B.o.B was always with them I'll detail later.


Donald Marshall (Wed. July 6, 2016)

Especially B.o.B...

Bob has always been an illuminati member. Always


Donald Marshall (Wed. July 6, 2016) 

Rapper B.o.B was always an illuminati member. Is bothering me at cloning lately. Die Bob die.

In the end he will be imprisoned.


Donald Marshall (Thur. July 7, 2016) - Rapper Bob and Phil Reece are killing me at cloning now. Bob is using my posts about him as a premise to speak, be seen and show off for the others there.

Bob was never memory suppressed. He's one scummy bastard and incredibly desperate for fame. He'd do anything.

Jessica Denise Tappan - so he's like Amanda Bynes

Donald Marshall - No noooo. Amanda Bynes is a victim. Bob is a greedy desperate failure with no morals or principles. He will do anything for money and fame.


Donald Marshall (Fri. July 8, 2016) 

Morning all. I would detail my experiences with rapper B.o.B at the cloning center but that is what he wants me to do, so I won't. There are more important things to discuss and he is a small fish.

I never liked him since he demanded songs at cloning and punched me in the face a bunch of times. I'll deal with that clown in the end.

Laurence Mountford - What does B.o.b want ultimately?

Donald Marshall - Fame and money. Reason to be seen and heard at cloning. Fame mostly. He is more desperate than most I've ever seen. And Ive seen so many like that. He is worse.


dmarshalltruth (Sun. July 10, 2016) - He won’t be killed or harmed. He will be imprisoned. I’ll visit him. Make fun of him and shoot him with nerf darts.


bob (deleted Instagram post from Fri. June 10, 2016) - people ask, “BoB why you do this?” & “Why you say that?” because there is no escape plan and people don’t float #OnlyDeadPplFloat #IDontWannaBeDead


Donald Marshall (Mon. January 25, 2016) - I don't care about flat earth. Flat earth doesn't torture me or will kill me. Can find out about flat earth in the end. Flat earth theory is a theory. Cloning I know is true for certain.

Again. I don't want anything to do with flat earth theory or any theory. Not my concern.

Lastly I don't give a shit about flat earth theory or any "theories".


Donald Marshall (August 2012) 

Airplanes- B.O.B Ft. Hayley Williams & Eminem

appropriate tune for me these days. One of my fave's I made for the tards. let's pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen.... lol


Donald Marshall (September 2013) - Ever actually listen to the words? Ever wonder who Eminem is insulting at the end, it's not fellow rapper B.O.B. (also) tell me what you think of the melody behind this song, without the words. (just my curiousity) B.o.B. ft. Eminem and Hayley Williams- Airplanes Part 2 Lyrics

Said Haley n Laney in it to infer that he was berating himself, but he wasn't... just put that in,... then there was the reference to bob about missing the rap olympics plane, but the rest was pretty much just makin fun of me,... this is the revised version of the origibal I made, while Hailey Williams were laying on our backs watching the night sky,... she asking me for a song...

the rappy dappies had to join in... needed da new "joint"

can you guess what my wish was if I'd had one? instantaneous death of all of them with each cloning place turned to dust. 

He regrets those lines now...told me at cloning,... doesn't want me to bring attention to it.


Donald Marshall (Wed. December 2, 2015) - BoB is not mentioning where he got this song though. It was his best one. I made it at cloning.

Airplanes- B.O.B Ft. Hayley Williams & Eminem

Made this and so many others. More songs than anyone has ever made. Other stuff too.

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