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Bohemian Grove

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - bohemian grove is only used for tradition... they used to meet there before cloning,... but with cloning they can bring everyone there total secrecy privacy and do the rituals at the cloning center....way easier.... Cloning center = Bohemian grove, Main Masonic Lodge, scientology central, and many more.. I dont think theyd risk a sacrifice at bohemian grove now, and the Alex Jones sneak into the grove was fake lol WAY fake people tell me about that and I just smile :) how could anyone take that seriously hahahha aaand.........32nd level of knowledge is cloning 33rd is vrill.......ive never been to bohemian,... no clones there... Alex Jones double agent........ if he told about what he knew hed be killed and then reanimated as a dead clone and tortured for years until they got bored of it.... maybe get his family too,... they got wrestler chris benoit bad like that...used him as an example. u gotta know about the man made saucers along with vrill to be 33rd.... so now yer 33rd lol... level of knowledge hehehehe... back engineered ,... those germans didnt invent them,... named em after the lizards, vril society..


Courtney Dawne (June 2013) - Can Alex Jones be trusted?

Donald Marshall - NOOOOOO!!!!! My answer to the above question,..I wanted to be perfectly clear 

Think... Lemme ask ya something Now ok I KNOW he's illuminati. Talked to the fat bastard as clones in the freak zone. But listen lol Remember his ninja infiltration into the bohemian grove? DO YOU REALLY THINK that that fat goof could stealth through the thick forest WITH a cameraman. With lights on the camera could EVER get close to the bohemian grove??? CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH through the forest The illuminati members would be rich people. They would have had a perimeter of armed guards A friggin spiderweb of armed trained guards all around Use yer heads guys,...Some stuff is just obvious

It was SOOOO obvious.


Donald Marshall (Mon. October 6, 2014) - Donald Marshall Fat old Alex jones did not stealth into the bohemian grove. Lol. That was staged bs.

They have three perimeter rings of armed guards around it if anyone important is there. Yeah fat old Alex Jones ninja'd right in there. Lol

With lights on the camera...


Donald Marshall (September 2012) - They showed me the faked bohemian grove sneak in lol, that was all set up, they have guard that would never let him [Alex Jones] get that close or anyone... And they do all the real ritual stuff at the cloning center now... 


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - The high ups dont bother with bohemian grove anymore,... people go there like once a year for tradition but nothing goes on there anymore, mock sacrifices n stuff... the cloning center is the new bohemian grove, main lodge of freemasonry and scientology headquarters. Much more secure location to do the ritual stuff... none of the ritual stuff works... it's all foolishness... not even a puff of smoke...

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