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BP Oil Spill

Donald Marshall (October 2012) - I don't have any info on the sinkholes buuut the Clones were part of the BP oil spill... Elizabeth wanted to show off her power to the celebs and other politicians and prime evils there... When the oil spill in the gulf was ready to be capped, Queen Elizabeth looked at me as clones and told me she was going to show me an example of power... With such a huge global catastrophe they all wanted it capped asap, BUT Elizabeth told them to delay for 2 days... Before capping it... Just because she could... 48 hours worth of delay, just for show...

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  1. Wow - my son told me it was the Illuminati that caused the spill...I didn't believe him. I believe now. He told me right after it happened. A lot of what he has told me is falling into to place.


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