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Immortal Technique

Brandon Rodeghiero - What do you think about Immortal Technique?

Immortal Technique Wake up 

Donald Marshall - Illuminati sponsored hero.

Graeme Arthur Higgins - I had asked donald if he knew of immortal technique and/or made any of their songs. As I was a fan of the music, and lyrical content corresponded with some of Donalds claims (point of no At the time thinking they could maybe help him. He replied that he hadn't heard of them and didn't know but would try to contact them. This isn't to say they aren't in it to spread disinfo.. ect.

Another artist similar to immortal technique

K Rino Grand Deception 

Donald Marshall - I didn't make their songs, but they sound like theyre talking about the cloning center,... and you cant get big unless you go through the Illuminati.

Katie Wright Whale Song - Can you please quote anything they say that sounds like they are talking about the CC? ty 

Donald Marshall - I dont want to listen to them to point them out,... its in nearly all their songs,... just hints and references.

Baman Dw - Is immortal technique there!? Cpz he talks bout them and knows bout cloning too?

Donald Marshall - maybe he should "tell" about cloning. Instead of rappin bout it.


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    No offense people, does he have to spell it out for you all? Just listen to their music and see for yourself, instead of taking up someone else's time, do your own reseach, and find out for yourself, derp

  2. Some people have the attention span of 5 seconds. Other people keep asking the same questions over and over.


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