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Donald Marshall (Sun. November 11, 2012) - They went very retarded last night... do not trust Thien Nguyen/Tila Tequila. I think they're using me to round up people for fema camps... the world is run by dead consciousness people on chip and drones... and people scared of them... dead consciousness people are just as idiotic as drones and go with the evil... last night was very bad, It just keeps getting worse, I cannot mail most people, some have been sending me messages and I try to respond and it says unable to post comment, unable to post comment everytime... others can't see my page. They said they want to get Yeshua and the army of light, break the prophecy and get power... cosmic power... also said they want to have me die and come back dead clone and lead them like that, an evil dead clone puppet for them. Thien is a hardcore crystal meth addict, this is why she doesn't ave the Lamborghini and lives a simple life now, she sold everything for crack and meth... she threatened me last night to go along, and I refused and stuck her fingernails in my face while in restraints, saying that if I told about it I would recieve more of the same. they cut me all up and had a crowd of old fat people come out when I was debilitated then they held me up in the air like crowd surfing at a concert and tossed me up bleeding and set my clone body to spinning tossed up and down up and down blood flinging all around, then some rabbi in the crowd started yelling "BLOOD OF YESHUAAAA BLOOD OF YESHUAAAAA BLOOD OF YESHUAAAA!!!" and that seemed to send them into a frenzy and each time I would come down people tried to grab my skin and tear it off giggling going cross eyed and repeating what he said... women tearing nails through my skin... then lowered me to the ground gently and all converged like a football pile up and tore me apart and everything went black... Zionists as strange as it sounds are allies with the Nazi's... and the nazi's have been droning jewish people for a long time and becoming them by putting dead consciousnesses on chip and putting them in their heads... it is bad... Elizabeth and the pope are down with them, seems they all want to escape death by recording themselves on chip and becoming dead retards, dead consciousness chip heads are stupid and a mockery of they're former selves... seems everyone is down with nazi ideals now... russia china everyone... all scared to die so they use the headchips... it's worse than I thought, and I already thought it was bad... guy yelled it idiotic too, like a priest would in church, was so bs dramatic BLOOD OF YESHUAaAaAaA BLOOD OF YESHUAaAaAa was absolutely retarded... then new body and theyre scratching up my chest with fingernails and thumb knives... I'm goin to hell I guess to be tortured for eternity by retarded undead people and drones and Vrill... think theyre gonna sacrifice me for the planetary alignment... they said they were... Tila is down with them... she is trying to round up people for fema,.. she will recieve benefits like Steven will for the more people she gets. She probably hasn't been Thien/Tila since her aneurysm there are drones and deadheads on my friends list,... some of them act helpful... They may replace me... you will know if its me or not from what I say.... the idiots were like washing themselves in my clones blood slowly,... buncha fat ugly losers... and acting like it felt good... like a porn star having a sexy shower on film, but these were ugly old fat losers... it was quite a scene.... it's ugly old people that have NO chance of ever getting laid, so they keep the fear going on everyone... deadheads come back gay child molester, like drones are, and caveman like cannibalistic, and they go overboard with it to keep kids scared into never saying no... nazi's have a few city bases underground,... deep underground where usually the pressure would be too great for human habitation, but using technology theyve regulated the pressure and temperature... they have bases on the sea floor too and saucers can go underwater.. hope you guys understand that I'm goin through a real bad time relating this to everyone,... they get me bad everytime I sleep now and I'm very sick, heads jammin and hearts messed bad... I'm glad to though, feels good to do good, having a clear conscience feels good. and I hate the Illuminati/NWO more than anyone on Earth. simply my duty really.... feels awesome :) hearts done for anyway,... nothing to lose, I'm looking at undying hell anyway, least this way possibly I can prevent myself goin to lizard hell... and save our species from annihilation... the Vrill hate humans bad. Blah lol dead men can't enjoy rewards.... long as I'm remembered well. I will be wanting a statue though :P frickin big one. cool pose, with a stomped vrill lizard under my foot lol ..... lots against me though. pope n monarchies and entire 4th reich. Pope is a very evil man... was Hitlers favorite ass boy,.. he is pope as a reward for faithful service... he likes his gold... likes lotsa evil stuff... everyone thats human thats down with them are promised to be spared, and will live in luxury bunkers deep underground... stocked with food for 100 years... and cloning tubes to "make" friends. only the figureheads will be spared though and the rest will just be processed too... I made that boondox abadon song about it... over a year ago before I started mailing.. 

[Boondox - Abaddon]

its about being processed into dumb's for vrill to do whatever to... at 2:45 Elizabeth included a line in it with her own clones voice... its the command phrase to self destroy a dumb if there is trouble. she says "drop the motherfuc$ing base" . I dont know what the plans are for afterwards. Listen to every word of that song... its all about the subject. they let me make the lyrics including stuff because they were supremely confident... and arrogant. Vrill like this song a lot. everyone there is hoping I can alert the world and save them from Vrill... but drones are trying to mess me up... they havent deleted my facebook account but theyre doing everything but... and making me verI'm not even very computer literate, I just installed games on computer before. I'm not very organized either... I'm sorry about that but theyre trying to drive me insane with clone torture I think and I'm starting to feel wierd. I'll maintain sanity to see it through sick so I can barely look at the screen to text... atleast everyone reading this will know... they must think there is a chance of my success,... because theyve been making me run around there under mind control mk and other stuff making me do retarded stuff on video,... saying if the world stops them, rises up against them they will show this "highlight reel" to the world and take me down with them.

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