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Britney Spears

Donald Marshall (December 2012) - She didn't mind being an assembly line pig whore when she was just getting famous,... Anything went then,... But once famous and rich using Donny's songs she then wanted out and oh she's so distressed... Die pig die..... Thing tortured the clone guts out of me personally several times, and when she was bored of itshe would have some nazi freak with no qualms do it for her,...I wanna beat britney spears up... Yes girl yeah yeah,... You would too,...she deserves death.sorry she does.

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Britney saw too much evil stuff and wanted out, wasn't allowed to leave and talking about it would have been an aneurysm or something. Once your in your in.

Donald Marshall (Wed. October 9, 2013) - Britney Spears now...stabbed the shit outta clones of me, no one else but Elizabeth would,... Alien whore Britney will though...

Debbie Lawrence - how are you Don?

Donald Marshall - not well. 

Debbie Lawrence - Ok, hang on in there, try & rest.

Donald Marshall - heart is going to give out... before I get to see people like Britney die. just woke up, rested as I'm gonna be. was a very very long visit...

Kitufu Mutufu (Thur. October 10, 2013) - Why did Britney Spears torture you yesterday?

Donald Marshall - too unbelievable to mention lol,

tell ya later, she wants me dead so no one finds out how nasty shes been to me and others and where her song's came from. Wants out of cloning, but wants me to croak at the grand reveal So I can't add detail's or sue her.

Donald Marshall (Fri. January 10, 2014) - Hi... Celebs at cloning are trying to convince the people in control there to kill me... They are saying a multitude of reasons as to why I should die, and the pro's and con's of me staying alive... way more con's mentioned lol... they don't want to lose money, or have the truth be known. Trying desperately to get me killed actually... begging them to kill me... Last night a cloning Britney Spears was the leader of the kill Donny campaigners. She cried and sobbed and blubbered out how she would be ruined how everyone in the world will hate her and others... saying that the people that gave up one of their kids to be parasited by a vrill would be hated by society maybe killed themselves... they were saying and trying just about anything... Britney wants to be seen as a victim and emerge at the end a hero and get off scott free with no details about her activities there, being a pig and victimizing me and other people for sport.

Donald Marshall (Tue. January 14, 2014) - Crazy as it sounds, I'll just say... Britney Spears, Timbaland, Rihanna and Beyonce, all stabbing clones of me with ice picks last time... in the face and all over... everyone in the crowd watching. Went on for a while, everyone in the crowd watching with sick fascination as I screamed. They have no fear of justice, Britney Spears says no one is going to accuse her of wanting to attend with all the anti cloning stuff she has in her songs and video's, she says she is America's sweetheart and no one is going to charge her with anything and she will never be punished,... (((That she is too powerful))) lol. In future whether I am dead or not, I want these people to pay dearly.

Donald Marshall (Fri. May 30, 2014) - Watchin the Picton pig farm murders was especially traumatic for everyone... I thought they were clones, dying in scenarios at first when watching at the cloning center/station... It's why Britney spears wigged out that time... like 40-50 deaths, almost all the same way... Justice has to be done... because I and many were forced to witness that... I freaked out badly when I realized that these hookers were not clones in clone death scenes there.

Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Britney spears isnt mind controlled, she just weatched too many murder videos at the cloning center and saw too many people tortured there,... Did lotsa bad stuff to me,... And Will I Am was one of the worst people to me there,... ONE OF THE WORST! They are not victims, they are members,... Britney just wants out noew cuz shes rich famous and doesnt need them anymore,.. Married a cloner there so she wouldnt have to be an assembly line sex slave pig for any old rich goof that wanted to bang her,... Theyre both filthy pigs. They both deserve to be executed. Sounds harsh but you juuuust dont know. They ARE the bad guys.

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Ever since mickey mouse club, Cristina aguilera britney spears and justin timberlake were only allowed to do songs that I made... Unknown why... Sometimes they treated it like a religious thing.... Tried to say it was God or satan whispering the song to me from another dimension,... Theyre idiots..

Donald Marshall - Britney Spears can't even look at them [Vril] when shes a clone lmao... flips... its like the instinctual fear when humans look at a big spider or scorpion, you know somehow that thing can possibly kill you... but its like double spider scorpion at the same time... they eat people.. animals... total carnivores... can eat some fruit but veggies make em sick... they get tired of eating clones its not as good to them.... and they like it when humans scream n then don't scream anymore

Donald Marshall (December 2013) - hear her latest song? The "Work Bitch" song she did, she played hinty in that too.

Donald Marshall (January 2014) - 55 seconds... SHE WANTS YOU TO KNOW, SHE'S BEEN CLONED, SHE'S BEEN CLONED, SHE'S BEEN CLONED!

Mona Lisa (Edit Version) - Britney Spears

You may want to listen to that.

She remade this song with new wording recently... they are getting desperate to get out... things will become even more obvious now.

It doesn't get much clearer than that guys...

ummm... "She wants you to know shes been cloned shes been cloned shes been cloned...I think she's is trying to tell everyone that shes been cloned... LOL!!! I mean I'm merely speculating but... LMAO!

Donald Marshall (Thur. January 9, 2014) - I AM POSTING IT AGAIN

Britney Spears... (Mona Lisa) *New edit*

Mona Lisa (Edit Version) - Britney Spears


She want's you to know...:) 

clones developing in the tubes don't wear clothing, naked whole time, but you get the idea. 

Britney Spears - Break The Ice

Vince Perrotta - She most certainly says cloned lol

Donald Marshall - over n over... lol aaand other hinty bs...

Chaffee Cline - How many Britney Spears clones are there? 15-20?

Donald Marshall - she has like 2-5 back up clones there usually... there have been many made, but the thing is... they get worn out... hmmm,... how to say this so it doesn't sound crude... ummm her genitalia gets disabled after a while and needs to go to a new body with new genitals after a while.

Michael Taylor - WOW, surprised she didn't into trouble for this

Donald Marshall - Me too, but she married a guy that is a bigwig with the cloning circles... so I guess she's safe. or just trying to redeem herself in a major way... she knows I'm pissed and she knows how pissed the world is going to be...

Scott Vandervort - Is the real Brittany spears alive?

Donald Marshall - Unknown if she is still the original her. Remaking the song with these words is risking death though... sounds like they're going to just be obvious instead of hinty now. lol

Donald Marshall (May 2014) - 50 seconds in "She wants you to know, she's been cloned." Reposting this in case you haven't heard it yet. It's the chorus :D LOL!!! She's been cloned, she's been cloned, she's been cloned... a couple times she says that she's home instead... weird.

Britney Spears - Mona Lisa (Demo/Original Version)

Britney Spears - Mona Lisa (Official Music Video)

um...I could post the break the ice video where she blows up a cloning center, but i just don't wanna lol. Just wanted to make sure that you had all seen and heard this.

it is a sad state of affairs when My status about going into my inbox gets 40 likes and my status about Britney Spears admitting she has been cloned in rhyme gets 25 likes... LOL! um... shez been cloned, shez been cloned, shez been cloned...

Donald Marshall (Sat. November 24, 2012) - Song I made for Brittany Spears called Break the ice... she made the video idea, its a Japanese animation of her getting into a cloning center and blowing it up... this is what the clone growing tubes actually look like..

it's a fantasy of hers (Britney spears)... she hates the place,... but basically "sold her soul" for life in exchange for fame and fortune... now shes cloned into the place every REM stage to be used, and regrets it.

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Notice the word 'Victory' at the end.......there is also a quick glimpse of a strange creature......vrill???

Britney Spears - Break The Ice   

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