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Brock Lesnar

Billy Sweeney (August 2014)  - Are there also hand to hand duels or fights that are held at cloning?

Donald Marshall - Yes, a lot. Brock Lesnar is the brute. But he don't fight aliens. I do.

Billy Sweeney - I'd imagine that's just because of his ridiculous athleticism, I've seen the guy fight and there's definitely better fighters out there, but they just don't have that same Ridiculous Strength and explosiveness brock has

Donald Marshall - Brute. He's super saiyan Broly... From dragon ball Z


Donald Marshall (June 2014) - Russians wanted Brock Lesnar removed from UFC and MMA

they have some guy last name Fedor (sp)? and they wanted to promotehim, but Brock crushed him at cloning with relative ease.

Jay Deutsch - Lesnar was weak, didnt like getting hit. Junior dos santos destroyed him

Donald Marshall - it was the edge of a glove that tore his face... but true, brock didn't like getting hit in the face.

Illuminati said they messed with his pituitary gland at some point to make him bigger.


Donald Marshall (May 2014) - "Super Saiyan Broly" is a representation of ex heavyweight ufc champion Brock Lesnar.

I wanted to name him Super Saiyan Brock, but they wouldn't let me. 

Jann Samzy - What would Akira Toriyama say about this?

Donald Marshall - he'd ignore you or pretend he didn't see any questions about me and or cloning. like the rest do. 

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  1. The legendary super saiyan movie came out in 1993. Lesnar would have been 16 at the time.


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