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Bruce Lee

Donald Marshall - Bruce Lee was a sex slave and they used to make him fight at the cloning center, the Asains were angry that he was teaching martial arts to the Americans and used to mistreat him there, they said he overdosed on drugs on purpose. many have to escape cloning, half of them thought they were in another dimension. Didn't even know they were duplicates. They intentionally killed his son Brandon lee in the movie "The Crow" just to make the movie sell more. Was no accident that killed him. They have no regard for human life. They're corrupt to the core, Desensitized from childhood. Traumatized young by Vrill, and messed up ever since.

Omni Present - makes me think of something i just saw where they said Bruce Lee may'v been a reptilian..hence the name The Dragon

Fredrik Beckman - Why did the illuminastys kill Bruce Lee ?

Donald Marshall - Supposedly for teaching Westerners martial arts, which was forbidden. They killed his son Brandon Lee too. 2 reasons, One because he was Bruce's son, the other was to add sensation to the movie The Crow, which he died while making.

Fredrik Beckman - ty so much thats so fucked up! He died of an anuerism! clone torture?

Donald Marshall - Heart attack... supposedly from upper drugs used to keep him awake... turns out he had problems with Freddy Krueger too. Could have been clone torture though, could have been a really bad scare as clones too, that'll do it. They used to make him fight as clones in the arena.


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  3. This makes perfect sense my question is where is his soul now? And what do you know anything about Aaliyah and her death?

  4. Bruce lee enter the lion ye bastards

  5. AnonymousJune 06, 2017

    Bruce was born in the Chinese year of the dragon....hence "return of the dragon" plus his family tried to pass him off as a girl when he was a lil kid too!?! To fool his generational curse that killed all the males off early in his bloodline


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