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Donald Marshall (Mon. December 30, 2013) - They've said at cloning that they get replacement clone bodies at Camp David for all the time walk around clones.


Donald Marshall (Mon. March 25, 2013) - one of those kind of clones mark 3 or 4 there are a bunch... they need replacing, they go to certainmilitary hospitals theres one by camp david in the states and get a new body, the brain degrades, whole body internally degrades, that's why cloned organs can't be used for transplant, theyre grown too quickly, theyre not the same as as tissue that grew over years, and if they tried to make that kind of clone it would be underwater in the tube and the skin would bloat after too long and the skin would be all messed up, takes like 5 months to make a clone, they can probably make them even faster now theyre alway making tech smaller and reducing time for stuff, they put a lot of money into it.


Donald Marshall (Thur. August 29, 2013) - they don't only put the consciousness chip in clones... theres more behavioral side effects and you gotta goto camp david or somewhere every 6 months to a year to get a replacement body...


Donald Marshall (Thur. March 21, 2013) - They go to specific hospitals, like one near camp David somewhere to get the replacements, they grow multiples and choose the most similar looking one.

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