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Canadian Cloning Center at Thirsty Lake?

About the above ground cloning center in Canada that Queen Elizabeth owns...

Donald Marshall - It's in the middle of forested area, I've been outside it a few times when there as a clone and there’s no sign of civilization, must be wildlife preserve or something. Western Canada... vending machines take Canadian change. The murders were videotaped and delivered by car to the cloning center, it is within about 5 hours drive radius from the Pickton Farm.


Jason Thunderbeing (Tue. July 12, 2012) - donald have you ever heard of thirsty lake BC?I am trying to figure out of i should use some power to investigate if we found this facility at thirsty lake

Donald Marshall - Could very well be at thirsty lake, its 6 hours dive from the pickton farm and could be the place... is thirsty lake private property like a military zone or a wildlife preserve?

Jason Thunderbeing - check it our on googel maps i will look into thirsty lake now the weather out there if it gets extreme than it is the place if not and the weather over thirsty lake is fine than it is not the weather

Jason Thunderbeing - crown land donald...lillibets lake

Donald Marshall - Ah crown land :) hahahaha the arena wont be on google earth they blotted it out... that could very well be the place.

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  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2017

    Also ther is one below the ancient airport of mirabel quebec near montreal


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