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Capt. Kaye: Human Clones & Zombie Virus

Full Audio - Capt K Interviews Part 5 - Zombie Virus, ET Civilizations, Nazis & Holographic Healing

@ 1:40 Capt. Kaye talks about how making an undead person is impossible as far as he knows but he says there are ways to animate a souless clone.

@ 7:30 Capt. Kaye hints about how there may be something that they spray into the air [chemtrails duh] that will cure the Zombie Virus.

@ 20:09 Capt. Kaye talks about use of clones. he defends cloning...he says “you never hear someone say we should never have cloning technology cuz that was never the argument. people always arguing was like look look of course we gotta have clones, there’s too many good uses for clones but...”

@ 26:15 Capt. Kaye mentions younger clones of himself and how there are subtle differences between each clone.

@ 29:00 Capt. Kaye mentions how the clones of you have to contain a piece of your soul to work or they have to use something else to make the clone exist/function. he also says how there is a universal law that limits the fractions of your soul that can exist at once and the limit is just under 10,000.

@ 30:33 Capt. Kaye mentions how clones are dumb and difficult to train.

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