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Carly Rae Jepsen

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - I made Carlie rae's songs... She is one rotten little thing... She's been in cloning a long time... Since before canadian or american idol... Sold her ass for a wish more like it... Anything for money and fame with these people... They say she just intentionally let a porn tape slip... Trying to copy paris hiltons bs...


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - Poor little Carly Rae Jepsen... she was nice... they had me thinking up songs for her,... I couldn't think of anything for her one time, and to test how stupid the thing was I told her to sing a remake of theres a hole in my bucket dear liza dear liza, slowly... the idiot drone DID, thinking it would be successful, I figured it would be a flop BUT PEOPLE STILL LISTENED TO IT!!! I was amazed,.. I hated the thing that took her over... she was a nice person before...

filled out the rest of the song around the hole in the bucket nursery rhyme... Vrill thought I was a friend to them and was loyal to their cause of taking over with the dead chip heads... was waiting for the day when I could tell all about them.

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