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Casey Johnson

Donald Marshall (Wed. January 22, 2014) - Tila should concentrate on Casey Johnsons murder... she knows all about that, and even Inherited the poor womans money from the "Johnson & Johnson" fortune... Let's talk about that T.  :)

I can tell you ALL about the Casey Anthony murder... I was at the cloning center talking with them about it when it all went down. Pretty nefarious shit. It really fortified "Tila's" bank account too.

Well... Tila Tequila was going out with Casey Johnson, in a lesbian relationship. Casey Johnson was heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune... her father was one of the Johnsons... they make the Johnson &Johnson baby oil and other petroleum products... Casey was at cloning but was memory suppressed... Tila was not memory suppressed.... WELL... Tila and Casey are set to be married... no pre-nuptual agreement and Tila looked like she was going to score big... but then Tila went and had a threesome with a few porn star friends while Casey was out of town... WELL... the wedding was off... but wasn't officially broken off yet. CONT'D ----->

Then they were at cloning... Tila has more pull there than a lot of people... Asians like her and she bangs everyone there, anyone that can benefit her... doesn't discriminate... so she has benefits... Turns out Casey Johnsons father and Johnson & Johnson had a part in the creation of Agent Orange... a chemical America used in Vietnam, during the war, it was meant to rot plant life, to clear out the jungles that the Viet Cong were hiding in... turns out it gave people birth defects and cancer and other things... CONT'D --->

Tila was interrogating Casey at cloning... not harming her, just asking if it was over... Casey said yes, she didn't want Tila anymore... Well that was that, She got a constant electric shock applied to her clone until she had an aneurysm in her real body... she was in a room somewhere, they found her body next to the bed... the Illuminati needed a reason for her death, so they had people go into the room and throw insulin needles around the room... she had diabetes and needed insulin injections... they said her cause of death was low blood sugar or insulin overdose... Tila stood to inherit much money,... but the marraige hadn't happened, Tila went to court and got a settlement. Much money.