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Donald Marshall (November 2012) - drones arent humans, they're parasited hosts,... heart still beats blood still flows but the human dies and the lizards consciousness dominates. No goin back. They mimic human behavior well but are still dumb and act erratic at times.... they drone most people,... but wit some celebrities they kill them, clone them and run around as them anyway with an implanted consciousness on microchip in the brain. 4 different kinds of clones mark 1,2,3 and 4. 1 and 2 are R.E.M driven, 3 and 4 are not, 3 n 4's run around anytime. Sometimes they clone the celeb into the cloning center R.E.M driven mark 2... but when the celeb gets famous and rich and doesnt need the illuminati's endorsement anymore or doesn't want to be a clone sex slave anymore they want out, and threaten to talk if theyre not released. They then kill them by aneurysm or shoot them real body and replace them with a clone. Or get them real body and drone them... there are clones OF drones at the cloning center... confusing lol I wish clone didnt rhyme with drone hahaha.

Alison Raffaele - what I find interesting is that right about the time you came onto fb talking about the human drones, I started seeing all the posts about the spy-plane drones, which is confusing sometime too.

Donald Marshall - yep,... I'm not talking about the unmanned aircraft lol...:)

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  1. Yes exactly, now that we see everywhere only drones " without pilot(driver) ", we did not find somewhere else the sense(direction). You can svp explain what that is really "drone".


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