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Celebrity Drones (Hosts Of Vril) & Chipheads List

Celebrity Drones (Hosts of Vril) and Chipheads/Dead Chipheads List

Drones (Hosts of Vril):

- Nicki Minaj
- Carly Rae Jepsen
- Lady Gaga
- Madonna
- Avril Lavigne
- Kanye West 
- Rick Ross
- Vince McMahon
- Bono (U2)
- Randy Jackson
- Chilli (TLC)
- Kelly Ripa
- Alyssa Milano
- Barenaked Ladies
- Bill Cosby
- Lady Sovereign
- Pink Floyd
- Nicole Scherzinger
- John Kerry
- Nicolas Cage
- Lyudmila Putina (Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife)
- Haley Meijer (James Casbolt’s wife)
- Steven Ciummo's (Steven Joseph Christopher) Parents
- Sean Stone
- Princess Diana
- Hilary Duff
- Rich King
- Billy Ray Cyrus
- Phil Reece (Donald Marshall's so-called “Handler”)
- Sara Adams (Max Spiers’ girlfriend)
- Corey Feldman
- Barbra Walters
- Sarah Silverman
- Katy Perry
- Laureen Harper (Stephen Harper's wife)
- Corey Feldman (unknown, if true)
- Rachel Weisz
- Tom Cruise

Chipheads/Dead Chipheads:

- Eminem (Dead Chiphead)
- Tony Abbott (Dead Chiphead)
- James Casbolt (Dead Chiphead)
- Hulk Hogan (Dead Chiphead)
- Obama (Unknown/Alien Consciousness)
- Tupac (Dead Chiphead)
- Elton John (Chiphead/Queen Elizabeth's Consciousness)
- Walt Disney (Dead Chiphead)
- Hitler (Dead Chiphead)
- Mao Tse-tung (Dead Chiphead)
- Michael Jackson (Dead Chiphead/Vril Consciousness)
- Pope Francis (Dead Chiphead)
- Kurt Cobain (Dead Chiphead/Vril Consciousness)
- Corey Haim (Dead Chiphead)
- Brittany Murphy (Dead Chiphead/Vril Consciousness)

Note: List is far from complete and will be updated.

Don't take this list as a 100% guarantee. List was made based on information found in the forum, group, etc.


  1. Please keep updating! I was shocked to find Sean Stone on this list. Hopefully, it's in error but I won't get my hopes up.

    There has to be some sort of litmus test the general public can do to detect parasites. I was trying to notice some sort of pattern with these individuals and the only thing I can sort of determine, is that they rarely, if ever, mention Jesus.

    Thank you Jesus for shining a spot light on this infestation!! Do you think Jesus was speaking of parasitic hosts when he said:

    "Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God." -- Luke 9:60

  2. Santie hoekMarch 12, 2016

    Hay Donald! I noticed on your list of songs that you made that you did a song for Casting crowns. You haven't said much about them. How did they ask you to make the song and neglect to give you credit? What are your thoughts about them as Christians? (Sorry I don't know where to start a new conversation) - totally different topic.

  3. Lady Diana? Its pretty hard to accept some of these names don't really make much sense as far as their behaviour goes?

  4. The problem is that you provide may be worth our time and also effort.

    Bethany Kapell

  5. I'm pretty sure doing good things in real life to look like a good human is a cover up. They're all dispicable

  6. Can someone who knows PLEASE answer this or provide any input?....
    Do the famous singers etc get droned before they're famous or is it after they're popular? Do any offer to be droned (is there an honour or some shit)?
    And I just can't get past thinking these hugely popular people die and have no chance for family/friends to have a funeral or whatever. Know what I mean?
    ie...take Lady Gaga for instance...has she been a drone since being introduced to the world with Poker Face song or was she her actually human soul?
    Please help me understand this anyone.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I wish we could have some sort of proof. Like vril videos or evidence of these celebs at these crazy parties or sonething besides just people's word.

  9. AnonymousJuly 25, 2016

    Does Kendrick lamar attend the cloning centers?

  10. Are you meaning Tony Abbott the Last Australian prime minister?

  11. Can you give us a list of people in Congress that are hosts/drones? The white house and politicians as well. Thanks.

  12. I don't really care for celebs; they come last. Most importantly are the ones that have federal jobs and all pertaining to those who control American and destroy it from within. That is the important information that should come first and foremost.

  13. Hitler was not part of the list. Hitler died in 1993/4. He was against the Jewish/Satanic control over the world. Yes he killed Jews, but he killed more Polish....but no one remembers them....we only remember the jews...maybe they do run the world...
    (or at least the media which "controls" the worlds consciousness

    1. There is a reason that its called "the holocaust" which means burnt sacrifice. They sacrificed a couple thousand people to claim the land of Israel so everyone can feel sorry for them and also allow them to infiltrate into all the banking systems and media. And if anyone says differently, they scream anti-semitism. Child rape and child sacrifice started with the Jews. Its all in the Talmud.


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