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Celebs Illuminati Desire & New Joiners

Greg Hallier Lindberg (January 2014) - Here is a question I havent seen asked , other than the Britney Spears clones , what other female clones are in the top 10 ? And. . .what Males are desired by the female Illuminastys ?

Donald Marshall - whoever is at the top at the time... sports athletes, singers, actors, actresses, models

Lee Ann Hand - Don, are there any new people/ recruits there? Or is it mostly old timers now? Also before someone is given just a small role on a tv show, does he/she has to be a part of that disgusting cc?

Donald Marshall - New joiners all the time... they have to get perverse with old people or old people walking around in young clones, gang bangs and whatever they want them to do. They're usually left memory suppressed until the Illuminati know they are fully onboard.

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  1. hey. thank you so much. can you please tell about the weeknd? please..


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