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Charlie Sheen

Darnell Pimpydee (September 2013) - Ok another one for u D,,, , when Charlie sheen was being taken apart in the media ,, after publicly doubting the official story of 9/11 and he was doing his crazy rants on sheens corner ,, talking about truth torpedoes and such ,, I had the feeling he was subtly threatening to expose some of the forbidden secrets ,, vril , cloning , the nwo plans , ,,, and I'm

Guessing his 2mil pay off was to shut the fuck up ,,, whats your take on the sheens ? 

Donald Marshall - Was washed up, got job on 2 and a half men, did a lot of crack coke n booze, started acting crazy, the clones at the zone encouraging him to be more crazy, just to watch him spiral downwards and die or fail. They do that sometimes... pick someone to watch crumble. He eventually knew they were doing this and he settled down. The drug Charlie Sheen was on wasn`t called Charlie Sheen, it was called crack n coke and whatever else.


Celine O'carroll (July 2013) 

Donald Marshall - Charlie attends and is a hardcore Junkie, gets fake drug tests done, just uses other peoples urine samples. The Illuminati were encouraging him to do crazy things, they wanted him to spiral out of control and destroy himself with drugs and madness... they wanted to observe his descent for sport. Charlie Sheen wanted me to include his name in a song,... I'll try to find it and pop it up... it was by Rob Zombie, or his previous band White Zombie, called "Devil Man". Word's go "Devil man, devil man, CHARLIE, devil man, BLOOD IN MY HAND YEAH" I said I didn't want to make a song and he took a knife and slashed it across my hand, deep cut,... hurt,... then told me I'd be cut all over,... so I mentioned the crackheads name in a song for the other crackhead to use. Rob Zombie.

Devilman / Super Charger Heaven

Watch this vid too,... references... lyrics too...Sometimes they garbled the Charlie and made it sound like call him or something.... it's Charlie though lol... I hate Charlie. Chahlay


James Andrew Perez (November 2015) - Donald Marshall what you think bout the Charlie sheen thing?

Donald Marshall - He's a crackhead and may have knowingly infected others. Met him at cloning. He is an asshole.

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