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Chilean Miners

Donald Marshall - Do you remember the Chilean miner's that were trapped underground a while back? They ran into a bunch of Vrill down there. The government told them all to shut up about it and payed a few people off, a bunch of the Chilean miners that got out are dead under different circumstances

it's why NASA was heavily involved.

Katie Wright Whale Song - interesting that there were 33 Chilean miners

Donald Marshall - was gold in the Mine in Chile. Vrill like gold.

Laurence Mountford -  so whats the significance of the numerology stuff? did it occur like that like randomly or in each of these things that happen that they have a hand in they throw in those numbers to like, place their mark on it, even if its not true? i remember seeing this as fishy when i heard the 33 miners. its the same with 911 where the impact time of second flight was said to be 9.03 but was later found out to be earlier. but they reported it initially as 9.03. just like... for the numbers...

Donald Marshall - I really don't know why they do the numerology thing... it's as if they think magic will occur if they do things on certain dates or times... it's weird... nothing magical involved.

Laurence Mountford - but im sayin, when something happens, like the chilean miners thing. is it just a coincidence theres 33 miners, was there actually 33 or do they just say that regardless. to be cool

Donald Marshall - unknown, bunch got eaten.

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