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Donald Marshall (October 2013) - Chinese government is messing me up at cloning, basically to show off for the celebs. After saying that they would not allow me to be harmed... they are the least compassionate people in the illuminati,... even the nazi's there take pity on you and give you a quick death... but Chinese people there specifically... would go on for hours and enjoy it as if it was arousing them... China is messing up the U.S.A in secret in scummy sneaky ways... they are head chipping people to bodysnatch via consciousness chip are totally down with vrill and it seems almost everyone at cloning fears the Chinese faction... talk, torture,... oh they're sorry talk... torture... oh they are actually sorry now... your not even racist Don... we love you... (unexpected) stab stab stab while enjoying the surprise on my face as he stabs me... help.

that faction has droned more people, and headchipped more people than all other nations combined... yes it is that bad...

That is why they wanted me to go with Tila Tequila... to reduce anti china sentiment once all is known... because the government is sub human...

some of the US government are drones and headchipped dead chinese consciousnesses... have to do something before it is past the point of no return.

Spencer Allen Eskridge - Didn't you say Donald that Mao is still running China? Lol

Donald Marshall - with others yes.

Not many sharing my posts... I can only assume they are scared to or think I'm crazy... can't do this by myself...

I dont have magic powers. not one share... fuck I am going to die.

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  1. Is clone's chip is made in China? Company is in the us right?


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