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Chinese Holocaust

Donald Marshall (November 2012) - china germany north korea and israel... but china will turn on the other 3 when the time is right... china is the worst...droned and chipped more people than all other nations combined... they starved back in the day so badly that like 50 60 million chinese died, the world didnt help them,.. it gave them a psychological hatred of the rest of the world, and now they thing Chinese for Chinese... jewish holocaust killed like 2 million jews around,... and theyre still crying about it makin movies,... but no one talks about the chinese holocaust,... it was the biggest tragedy and loss of human life in the history of mankind. Chinese hate this... understandably so. 50-60 million starved. resorted to cannibalism... it was hell on earth. 


  1. Oh man the things I don't know.The pictures alone are shocking.
    I didn't click on any of the pictures but a page full of dead bodies come up when you Google, and than hit images.
    The Japanese government of that day were being controlled by the same creatures producing evil today,what you all call aliens I call demons.

    The Forgotten Holocaust
    by Laura Rivera

  2. I have a different thought on some of these holocausts (not the Jewish one). Chinese (50s-60s), Russian (1930s under Stalin) and Indonesian tsunami in 2004 (very few bodies found).

    The only reason I mention that aliens could have abducted (or sucked up into the ships) millions upon millions of humans in these draco/illuminati engineered 'famines' is because there are no mega massive bone yards found anywhere. Even with our modern technology it is virtually impossible to transport and bury or cremate 50 million dead bodies with or without leaving bones and skulls and massive burial sites. 1950s China and 1930s Russia did not have any of the new 'nuclear' type weapons and even then plenty of bones would be left. Also, dracos (or satan) has been running Earth for thousands of years and dracos/illuminati feed off of human death, pain and misery.

    It is possible that the engineered Chinese Holocaust was another alien 'mass harvest of humans' where Chinese Earth leaders were promised and given 'powers' and technology. When 50 to 60 million humans are exterminated you will find mega massive bone piles somewhere. I understand how the draco/illuminati have power to hide everything but at some point it comes out. When aliens (or underground vril) bring out spaceships and suck up everyone there are no mega bone yards. Just burying to hide 50 or 60 million dead bodies is about impossible. Think about logistics of moving (without hardly any motorized vehicles) 50 or 60 million bodies. I understand how big China is and how isolated it is but... think about it. China probably did same thing as Stalin did in 1930s, steal the food from peasants, sell it for money to buy machinery. I did not lookup what happened or what they said happened but it is big. It also fed dracos human pain and suffering and death.

    Could this be one of the reasons Mao has cloning center power (per Donald Marshall)?

    Mao Tse Tung... Tse Tung is pronounced Say Tung
    Say Tung is actually sa tun = satan
    Mao Satan

    Remember, about 10+ years ago China had a village of 2000 people JUST DISAPPEAR IN ONE DAY!. All buildings were good and personal effects were left. 2000 people were sucked up by aliens and very bad things happened to them. This was even reported in Chinese media.

    Russia 1930s
    Harvest of Sorrow is what it is called 17 to 60 million peasants starved to death when Stalin confiscated all of their food.

    Where are the mega massive bone yards of humans? Moving (pick a number... 30 million probably low) dead humans anywhere with about zero trucks (scarce back then) is impossible. Even with trucks like our army has today it is impossible. Burning or cremating 30 million bodies is impossible. And you would have survivors or witnesses or someone in today's Russia would have said something. And the mega massive bone yards would have been found by today.

    Stalin (look at his photos in older age... total lizard) could have received an offer to starve out the people by taking their crops and selling them for money and then aliens (vrils, dracos greys whoever) could have come in and just sucked up millions of survivors. Russia's secret space program started in the 1930s I believe.

    Indonesian Tsunami of 2004
    Death toll was approx 250,000... but other online reports put missing into millions. Even if only 250,000 there should have been thousands upon thousands of bodies in the ocean but there were very few. It should be said that the draco/illuminati set of the nukes under the ocean for the tsunami to be created. That is generally accepted truth out on internet. Where did all the bodies go?

    see next
    Must be at most 4,096 characters

  3. North Korea 1990s Famine
    Again, millions died (out of 22 million population in North Korea).

    North Korea is run by the Illuminati (online said it was Rockefellers) and that it is the IDEAL country and the way they wanted the rest of the Earth to be. I believe it. Just a fyi... that is not going to happen to earth. North Korea has 3 generation curses where the entire family is tossed into prison for 3 generations. I have a 3 generation KKK death curse on me so go figure.

    Anyway, like all these other famines it was probably created by dracos/illuminati (probably using HAARP for the 'biblical floods) and intentionally bad farming practices to create massive death and pain and suffering because dracos feed on human death and misery and pain. Do you see a pattern?

    Note for above paragraph - I originally wrote drought because that is normally used but this time a 'biblical flood' was used to destroy farm lands. HAARP was used on me in late 1980s for 10" of rain in 12 hours where I lived per very informed sources.

    World War 2
    Had death tolls of 60 million. Who knows what numbers are correct but aliens could have been harvesting then, too. I am speculating here... but it is very possible aliens could just swoop in suck up all kinds of civilians, villages, wounded troops and all kinds of crazy stuff. When you see a village of 2000 disappear in China and no one does anything it is very possible this could have been done world wide. World War 2 is generally accepted as a draco/illumaniti war to create mass death and suffering to feed dracos their human food.

    Saucers over recent American battlefields reports that many American troops being able to see ghostly (cloaked) saucer like craft over battlefields with a lot of smoke and dust in the air (could interfere with cloaking). These craft could be sucking up souls of the recently dead on both sides.

    Kinda off topic... because bodies are not being removed but the dracos do operate a soul capture machine on the moon and I have been told many times that 1/3rd of my soul was sucked out of me during a white house visit in 1991 and returned to me in 2008 when the orb was shattered releasing the souls. I AM ONLY REPEATING WHAT I WAS TOLD. The point is that aliens are abducting humans and their souls.

    It is possible that saucers could have been doing this during all kinds of wars for centuries... because as I have said before (and many others have said before me) all wars are created by dracos to feed them human death and pain and suffering. Someone might want to lookup to see if saucers were spotted over Civil War and other battlefields through the years.

  4. African Vaccination Programs
    Used to create illness but more importantly to microchip victims to be picked up by aliens later. Microchipping now can be done with biochips so small they are injected through needles without your knowledge or consent. Aliens can find chips easily for abduction. Africa is said to belong to marduk (who we call satan and it has been reported that satan is the draco reptilian king and lives in a newly constructed bunker in South Africa). See Donald Marshalls writeup on Dec 2013 Nelson Mandela funeral.

    I just wrote a few of the big ones.


    The Japanese Rape of Nanking is different from the Chinese Holocaust (due to small size) but also the same.

    Japanese were highly satanic and working black magic all over the place and they murdered 300,000 there and I think Rape of Manilla 100,000 dead. Japanese were highly satanic/demonized/reptilianized to where they could easily work their reptilianized troops into a demonic frenzy where they would just slaughter civilian humans and go on to do more. They were ultimately working from the orders of dracos or satan or marduk or whoever.

    Japanese Armies insane rape of Manilla where they slaughtered at least 100,000 was probably ordered as a satanic ritual to attempt to get more power from dracos/satan/marduk or whoever to defeat the American military. It didnt work out for the Japanese but it did work out for the dracos/illuminati who were fed well from this.

    Alex Rogan

  5. I wrote about 10k or 11k characters and forgot this...

    Update: Nazi Germany and Hitler

    Mountains of information has been written very recently about Hitler living at the end of the war and how he escaped to Argentina. FBI released files (that media ignored) confirming all of this.

    Hitler and the Nazi staff were all just reptilians (probably taken by vril). Could also be other reptilians. The Dark Fleet in space looks and acts like Nazis (who I have said act somewhat like dracos and it has been said online that dracos infected (or something else) the space nazis. In Star Wars, the Empire was modeled after The Dark Fleet (space nazis) down to the way they speak, act, battle cruisers and many other details.

    And Germans were flying space craft since the 1930s. Don Marshall has something on this too and many other websites. Vrils inside the earth had plans for space craft but could never build anything. They hooked up with Germans who figured out how to build all the spacecraft.

    Nazis + aliens + spacecraft = Go Figure.

  6. Bonus: Germany named its long range WW2 bomber Condor which is a very large vulture found in California and South American mountains. Condors are nowhere near Germany. Hitler also used a Condor as his personal transport.

    amon ra is a large black vulture who tells everyone he is an eagle (per Donald Marshall).

    It is my opinion that Hitler's Germany named its long range bomber Condor as a connection to amon ra (who again, is a large black vulture).


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