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Chris Benoit

Donald Marshall - The fear of eternal torture as a clone and their families killed inspires loyalty through fear, They've made examples of others every once in a while,, Chris Benoit the wrestler for wwe was one such example, they messed him up badly, I'll be writing more in depth about what happened with him too, it was terrible...he was a really good person, wouldn't be evil didn't like them called them names while there said he didnt want to attend, they made an example of him, He'd also stolen the wife of a rich Satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati, he got it bad...dead now, killed his wife kid and himself, week before his best friend some woman died of aneurysm, Done by the Illuminuts just to bother him, the woman didnt do anything, she was just a really good friend of his and they had her cloned and did the aneurysm thing to her,,... was terrible, they put nightmarish stuff on em. he was in the mental ward or his therapists saying he's not crazy that queen elizabeth tortures his soul in another dimensoin and there are demons there (Vrill) he got very religious not knowing he was a clone thinking elizabeth had caged his soul. Almost sounds like what Tila Tequila I'll write his story sometime soon, He was one of Elizabeths favorite slaves there but he would disobey and insult and she made an example out of him , bad,... like Bernie Mac but more prolonged and involving his immediate family and friends. So I'm going to clear Chris Benoit's name cuz a bunch of people said he was crazy had too many hits to the head and steroids and pain killers, but it was cloning and Mk Ultra that messed him up. said before she had her aneurysm at the young age. they did that and worse so many times everyone is scared to go against them. But with me you see, I don't hang with my family cuz theyre in it, and I'm already dyin of heart probs (They said theyve cut my lifespan in half with clone torture) and my friends (who know I'm truthful to a fault) are scared to hang with me now thinking they stand a chance to be cloned and messed up just for knowing me or knowing about cloning. , I'd rather be dead than be down with them and what they do.they dropped the wheel on him as they say.... an occult term for utterly destroying someones life until they die. 


Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

I hated making that song... but tried to add hints in it for these days when I could clear his good name and avenge his death, they drove him insane... he was strong willed.... now theyre going to do it to me...they changed one line in it.... it says clapped up and stabbed too,... sad news.. originally it was crabnasty stabbed too, sad news... crabnasties is what I called the Vrill type 1's when I was a kid... I still call the disgusting things crabnasties. that is a very evil song. being released unhurt was a reward for successfully making a song or a few..they used to have vrill type 1's swarm Chris Benoit and dart him with the mouth spikes... and put the neurotoxic spit in him,... its agonizing,... they do it to me... 

just a symbol that Vrill scratch into the wall... lol, they scratch it on tunnel walls deep underground all over the place... some regions got a different symbol, some are just a V,... some are like the symbol on the flag in the Chris beniot "Insane clown Posse" song. I'll pop the link, check it out,... the video is an important metaphor for what is going on, and what happened to Chris Beniot.

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

on the flag of the girl in red, in the host parade,... all the hosts drop one by one to the slam of the warriors hammer. 

there is a LOT to this video.

Celine O'carroll - Do the various symbols represent various types of vril? or do they mark their territory with them?

Donald Marshall - Mark territory. Different regions of underground have different kinds of vrill, different hierarchies

This video is a carefully staged metaphor in motion, that explains what is going on now. Notice the priest leading 2 vrills and a bunch of hosts, each time the warrior hits the block with the hammer one of the Vrill or hosts drop dead... Examine this video. 

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

The song is about what they did to Chris Beniot.

Pete Svzvki - Why do the Illuminati spread their messages through the worst bands? Lol

Donald Marshall - The video is about the situation now.

they told Vrill and hosts it is flaunting power, that no one can stop the Illuminati, but secretly they are crying out for help because they are nearly all hostages pretending to be friends with the things while theyre trapped there.

everybody gotta sleep sometime... only way out is world exposure and complete shut down of the cloning places. outlaw the tech.

I'm the honorary clown kid and the warrior.

Celine O'carroll - black and white on the rubiks cube signifying good and evil? solve the puzzle...and take the throne.

Josie Marceleno - But if they are that powerful how can anyone shut them down if exposed?

Donald Marshall - Almost Celine And Josie, they're just the government heads... not everyone. Just gotta cut the heads off the hydra is all. The populace will make that happen. Once they know.

Lisa Snyder - What is with all the connections to Eastern Canada?

Donald Marshall - Where I was born.

Brenda Butler - good grief donald watched a few minutes of this vid and had to turn it off...cant handle that shit

Donald Marshall - it's very informative and I unwillingly made the song... I'll describe it in detail..

Lisa Snyder - I know that Donald, but I mean in general. There seems to be a lot happening in Eastern Canada. My family is from not far from there in the US and I have many Canadian relatives in Eastern Canada. Something special about the are?

Donald Marshall - Many Illuminati live there, No natural disasters there besides the tail end of a hurricane once in a while, no earthquakes there and moderate climate compared to the rest of Canada.

Messaging them now. It WAS this Sullivan guy, he attends cloning still and is satanic. I made sure I remembered the name Sullivan, ever since it happened. They also gave some female friend of Beniot's an aneurysm... she dropped dead one day right around the murders. She was his confidant believed him and wanted to help him. I watched a lot of what was done to him. It was very bad. Very very bad. Then they made me make that song during the thing... for insane clown posse... Chris Beniot it's called... the illuminati "dropped the wheel" on him... that means they are going to do the works to him and destroy him.

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

I know the what where why and how. This guys name must be cleared. They got him so bad... I'll describe in detail when the time comes. He was a nice guy too.

If they have a clone of you they interrogate you for your passwords... with mindcontrol stuff on the clone and torture... leave the person memory suppressed and they dont know, they just get sick for a while... then if they keep bringing u there ya get sick all the time... This is what happened to Chris Benoit's wife and son... they were memory suppressed about it,... he remembered everything... I gotta write about that whole thing with him... they absolutely destroyed him... called it dropping the wheel on him... he was nice... I gotta avenge his death and the deaths of many others maaany others,... and prevent more.

And Chris Benoit,... Cant let that hero die in vain... His true story must be told as well. 

God help me.... I have kept my light saber blue all this time... When does it end?. Theyre trying to make me go nutty like Chris Benoit,... Who I must tell all about... A very sad story. I do believe in one God and a master of order in the chaos... I'm holding to faith he will preserve my heart and strength of will until I end the Illuminati... All part of his plan. 
Bad jedi got red sabers, evil,... Good jedi have blue green yellow purple... They make reference to it all the time... My light saber stays blue... I will never go dark side.,... Metaphor.

Fat blonde clown from insane clown posse (rappers, wwe wrestlers) came ot to bother me last night with Vladamir...

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

His name is Violent J.

Watch that video... Illuminati payed and made... The Insane clown had a part in the death of Chris Benoit... Elizabeth systematically destroyed him... And the clowns helped as much as they could... The fat clown (Violent J I guess) hated Benoit with a passion cuz at the cloning center he was talking to Chris in front of all the celebrities, and conversation came around to the clown saying well, I'm a wrestler athlete like you... Chris Benoit worked very hard to get the body he had, and the wrestling techniques... Chris soured his face up and said "your not a wrestler". Clown was embarrassed... Chris said "your a fat slob, your parents bought you into it, I had to work hard". The clown cried... Chris wrestled him in the dirt of the cloning center a little bit... Made a fool of him, clown couldn't do anything... After that he ran afoul of Elizabeth, and stole a cloners wife and had a kid with her... They destroyed him... The Chris Benoit song is all about how they dismantled him mentally... Chris thought it was 5th dimension... Didn't know he was a clone... I will avenge Chris Benoit's death.

Can ya tell who I'm supposed to be in the vid?, honorary clown.

Forced to make songs for the losers back in the day... Chris Benoit was one of the nicest people that I'd ever met there... He didn't want to have sex with Elizabeth and he stole a satanic cloners wife and had a kid,... That was all they needed to run a program of hell on him... Everynight... Tortured his wife and kid there as clones in front of him... They were memory suppressed though... All they knew was they were getting bedridden sick,... Benoit knew why they were so sick they were being clone tortured nightly... They made an example of him... The idiots think I'm magic cuz of all the songs... The crest on his school uniform is Chechequatl a Mayan God... Reference to Vrill lizards..

They all do steroids...almost all. You have no idea how evil that Chris Benoit song is. That Insane Clown Posse sings... It's Chris's death song... I'll write out whole Chris Benoit story in detail... And the clowns involvement... They have no real say at the cloning center... Elizabeth wanted Benoit dead...

thats Violent J's facebook wall. Lets go say hi to this fat clown.

i seen a lotta gross stuff...and evil 'n death....death of women n children worst... they cry more but men cry too...know someone REALLLY brave?.... Chris Benoit........... the wwe wrestler....he was awesome. he had to bang pigdog elizabeth regularly.. 
didnt even know he was a clone, they told him it was another dimension like they told tila...he eventually said nope no more....she gutted him badly.... repeatedly. got his wife' n kid too but they were memory suppressed. tortured them in front of him,... I saw. was terrible. they got really sick didnt even know why. they tore em bad. this is another reason people dont talk. cuzza these examples. elizabeth said first 3 that tak will die... their families too. made a big proclamation about it there. its half the reason tila isnt with me too here. that and the little pigs greed. shes gonna look so bad in future. 

A wrestler they ruined, he stole a satanic cloners wife and they made an example of him, Ill explain in depth about him later, he was a good guy they absolutely ruined his life.
in this song they seem to be making fun of him.....'Insane Clown Posse-Chris Benoit'........

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

because they know exactly what happened to him

Moist - Silver

Everybody wants... everybody sells.... everybody begs!... IN TIME!!!" Chris Beniot begged...very dishonorably... but everyone there liked him more than they liked Queen was no contest...

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

everybody begs... in time...chris Beniot was tough as nails... his own discomfort was irrelevant... it was when they brought his wife and child to cloning... thats what finally broke him...he was kinda my hero there...for a while. I'm going to fuck those clowns up. :D 

had to and it's really too bad too. went coo coo gone mad dude. crabnasties stabbed me too. sad news.

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

I I I I I I... broke. it took some time... slowpoke I finally gave way...brain under "D" don't float. no longer steering choosing, on on on autopilot cruising.

Phil Chuppa - clowns will pay

Donald Marshall - yep the 2 clowns hope i die so i dont get them. the fat one n the bald skinny one but I'll get them. 

Phil Chuppa - figures cowards.....

Donald Marshall - yes and no if they'd have made a stand and talked,... they would have died...hell... I'm surprised Tila tequila is still alive...

Examine this vid please. explains near everything in metaphor.

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

I'm the kid clown... and the Barbarian. I hate the fat one and his bald brother. there's other one's I guess but those 2 were the only ones that I've seen at cloning. I'm telling you... they are going to be imprisoned or legally executed in the end of this...I will insist. and if only imprisoned,... I'll be going to visit them and will throw rotten cabbage and tomatoes at them through the bars...only because I won't be allowed to stab them in the face...and I'm a "nice" guy...they will know regret.

Brady Avery - you wrote the icp song chris benoit right

Donald Marshall - yep, didnt write, just said it freestyle while there... not all in one take.

Brady Avery - was it a tribute or warning

Donald Marshall - it was making fun of him and to set an example for others that don't comply. I didn't want to make it, they hurt clones of me until I did. He was no angel anyway.

Brady Avery - did they twist what you said.

Donald Marshall - yeah,... they switched up some stuff...


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