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Cloning Centers "Paralyze Button"

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - couldnt run away and keep clone, they have each one on gps and have a paralyze button, no one ever gets away, and your real body would eventually wake up and the clone would drop limp mid run,.... Avatar was made about the whole rem cloning concept, few others too, inception which is also about MK Ultra too, audio visual effects, You would know you werent in your real body by how much dumber and confused you were, a side effect no one is immune to, more emotional and dumber, one track mind and prone to first impulse,.. with some people they say its a side effect of being in another dimension... some are never told theyre even clones.


Donald Marshall (Fri. August 1, 2014) - They'd just press the paralyze button, your clone would drop and someone would stomp on your face or cut you up until the clone died. Then they'd activate you into the next clone 2 minutes after that one died and tell you to behave or they'd do it again worse.

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