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Cloning Centers - Don

Donald Marshall - NEARLY identical to the cloning center I've been at most, the above ground one for rich scumbags. Just the ice is dirt and the corners are a little more rounded,...same color seats and all. Hockey boards, no glass. Clones fill the stands. Seps in aisles painted gray. They call it the blood bowl sometimes, because of the red seats.

Only posted it because it is remarkably similar, must be just be "that" type of set blueprint for a small forum like this.

oh and 2 huge theatre bigscreens on either side above the stands

Laurence Mountford - so when you say above ground don does it have a roof or can you see sky?

Donald Marshall - no theres a roof... just like a stadium room, theres some lighting effects rigged up there.

dirt middle though. same seating, colors and all... just dirt middle. and blue rimmed hockey boards.

At the far end is where the British royals usually sit, there is a set of collapsible metal bleachers with folded down chairs they set up. or they will sit just to the left of the opening if these bleachers aren't set up.

just the corners of the rink are rounded more, makes it more like an oval.

Fredrik Beckman - looks llike it will seet more than 400-500 ppl but maybe they dont pack the place

Donald Marshall - I was guessing the seat capacity, lol I never actually counted them before. :)

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