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Corey Feldman

Info regarding Corey Feldman (copied and pasted from the forum)...

Late October 2013:

he is lying about what is going on, and ratting on those the illuminati want him to. Corey Feldman is allegedly a host [of Vril aka drone]... or so he and others have said at the CC when they were more confident that I would fail.

the 2 coreys [corey feldman and corey haim] didnt actually like each other much... they pretended for cameras... the other one was a raging crack addict...

he [corey haim] just went to next body not dead. he bodysnatched someone with a consciousness chip with his flawed consciousness on it. They're both evil as fuck... Corey Feldman was MJ's ass slave... for many years... Michael Jackson's... (MJ)

Saturday, December 21, 2013:

Guy knows about the whole thing... tells about a quarter and lies about the rest... praised Michael Jackson but was victimized at cloning by MJ his whole life since childhood... it a clone center attendee an Illuminati member and a bs controlled whistleblower.

Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood's Biggest Problem

if he named names he would get messed up as clones probably, or if they really wanted to mess him up, mind blast him to act whacked OR kill him, replace him with a clone, or make him a host and then have him run around crazy smoking crack n rob a bank and shoot a bunch of people... The Illuminati is funny like that... and they'll all watch video footage of it on bigscreen at the cloning center as clones and laugh... and everyone else there will then not want to attempt to talk either. They make an example of someone every so often, to re-instill the fear.

He HAS a clone at the cloning center of himself that he uses, has back ups too. Still hangs at cloning. Has since he was a kid.

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