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Crop Circles

Donald Marshall - The "aliens" making the crop circles aren't trying to warn or enlightn you with the crop field pictures... They are making fun of you

HAARP...all they need is a stencil to project the image

Karin JM McBeth - Donald, what do you know about crop circles?

Donald Marshall - mentioned it before, but I'll just say again, the "real" ones are made easily, its the matter distortion beam from under a saucer, they can make circles, or set up designs like a stencil.

Kyle Haran Ramirez - what's up with crop circles Donald??? why do they do them????

Donald Marshall - To scare and set up for the bs they plan to orchestrate.

Kyle Haran Ramirez - do you know why the pick the fields or is it just random areas??

Donald Marshall - Dunno

Laurence Mountford - how do they make crop circles don?

Donald Marshall - its just a beam from a saucer. like the anti gravity (matter displacement) is set to a diagram, then when pointed at a field, it repulses back only along those lines... they can make some intricate designs. just like a stencil...

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