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Dana Horochowski

Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Dana Horochowski knows about the cloning centers and Vrill, she calls em annunaki's I think,... Dana is was down with the plan of welcoming the pleadeans, when she knows what they are and what they do. Dana is Russian loyal,... And Russia is pro Vrill,... Or at least the government there is. She has been attending the cloning center for years.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Wow, some nut just posting all over that I'm a clone vampire lol... Dana Horochowski... lol The Russian pleadian sympathizer.

LOL! Um ok. Dana Horochowski is down with them outta fear... shes been going to cloning as a priviledged sex slave since she was a kid, is down with the russian faction there, Russians there are takeover takeover takeover... also Dana has met the long necked Vrill "Pleadians" and gets empathic pleasure blasts from them... likes it... but she is scared of them, recently talked to her as clones there... she wanted to be the go between to talk to me while I'm there... she wants to welcome the "Pleadians" arrival and play along with the deception...


Donald Marshall (July 2013) - Dana Horochowski is an Illuminati member, is Russian loyal and looks forward to introducing the "Pleadeans" to the populace,... Do not trust this woman at all she is poisonous.

Nicole Dietz - What's wrong with Pleadeans?

Donald Marshall - theyre vrill in pretty clones. There are no "nice" visitors. All Carnivorous and parasitic.

Nicole Dietz - anytime there is bad, there is good. there has to be a balance imo ..

Donald Marshall - doesn't have to be a balance,... that's what the illuminasty say... I say let's tip the scales and have good heavier on the scales.

the thing with evil people, No one trusts them or wants to be around them,... even other evil people lol, they worry that the other evil person is more evil than them and they worry about what they will do to each other lol... you just cant trust an evil person,... cuz theyre evil lol... evilness is a dead end street and is self destructive,... not good for mental stability either.

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