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David Icke

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - ...[Alex] Jones in it, David Icke is in it, [David] Wilcock is in it, Bloom and Steele are in it... Theyre all on the payrol. Talking about what theyre allowed to talk about,... Mind you they'd die if they talked, I'm surprised I'm still alive actually, was expecting an aneurysm by now...


Donald Marshall (Sat. June 22, 2013) - As I said, Russell Brand and David Icke are scumbags...

Al Vin - 

Donald Marshall - yeah...

Al Vin - Babe, don't read it all now, it's reams of info, save it for a quiet moment, if you have any!

Donald Marshall - lol most people would just disregard it saying the NWO fabricated this to sully the "good" name of David Icke the "crusader of justice" People hang on that scums every word.

Thinkin he's Mr. nice guy. They're being deceived.

Al Vin - Do you think when he first started to get information and came out on the Wogan show, that he was truly 'enlightened' and then got got at along the way? He used to speak in village halls to 3 people and is now filling Wembley stadium?

Sorry not stadium, Wembley Arena, quite a few thousand people capacity difference But still BIG!

Donald Marshall - long story... Icke is not what everyone thinks he is.


Donald Marshall (Wed. March 13, 2013) - Alex Jones and David icke Jesse Ventura and Bloom and Steele are down with them... unknown about Jordan Maxwell.


Crystal Green-eyes (Sat. March 9, 2013) - David Icke started me on this journey 7 years ago~Donald said he is at the cloning centre and is only allowed to say so much, the same with Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura~they promote fear mongering but also give us a great spring board to researching deeper into this demonic plot~all the avenues i've gone down have always just reinforced this same storyline with Donalds being at the core~xxxxxxx

Donald Marshall - they WANT to talk and be heroes but theyll be killed,.. so they hint where they can,... they dont want endless clone death or to be droned

Crystal Green-eyes - why was they even allowed in the first place though~xxxxxx

Donald Marshall - theyre allowed to hint, to keep it interesting and exciting for them.


Rachel Ziegler (August 2013) - David Icke calls them Archons, so its probably Vrill and he's just not sayin.

Donald Marshall - nah, the illuminati clones have made people see through MK Ultra visuals as clones these electric looking entities. I've seen them decieve people with lots of stuff... back in the day I used to sit in the stands and watch things done to people, the manipulations and deceptions,... they thought I was loyal without question... long story... long. To the best of my knowledge there are no Archons.


Katie Wright Whale Song (June 2013) - I have a friend who used to tour with David Icke... she did the 'spiritual' stuff while he did the conspiracy stuff...she told me that she thought Arizona was giving out a lot of disinfo... I see it as embellishing the facts, maybe not consciously doing so

Donald Marshall - nah Icke knows what he's doing... is at the cloning center sometimes.


Celine O'carroll (July 2013) - 

“This gargoyle on St. John’s cathedral in Holland would certainly suggest pedophilia has reptilian roots. Add to it the fact that this is a bastion of Catholicism, itself rife with pedophilia, and the picture starts taking shape. The reptilian instinct is a parasitic one, and vampiric sexuality is at its core.”

Donald Marshall - Wow, David Icke said Parasitic lol. Maybe Icke is attempting to save his treacherous ass. Come clean JUST in time.  :)


Ascending Pleiadian (Wed. August 13, 2014) - What is David Icke at this point ? And someone says he is Richard Branson in disguise ?

Donald Marshall - Icke does and says what he is told to. What he's allowed to.

John Walls - That's the only reason he's still alive . But he does hide the truth between the misinfo you just got to know how to decipher his messages.

Donald Marshall - No... He will pay for his cowardice. Buncha people gonna get punished.


Donald Marshall (December 2012) - I wanna meet this famous David Icke and ask him why he excluded the parasitic head proboscis thing that comes out of the lizards head does... lol.. that sounds disgusting I know..., but I've seen a lotta gross stuff at the cloning center, you wouldn't want to go there., they may show you a few amazing technologies and pleasure techniques amplified in a clone body but it getd old and boring but then yer stuck init lol and wow these people are crazy,... the main old ones. I ave to stop going to this place, it is beyond creepy. Icke doesnt say aboutthe proboscis thing that parasitesthe humans brain killin them n takin em over,... Lol he KNOWS they do this,... He just sez what he's allowed to,.


Question (December 2012) - have you tried reaching out to David Icke? of course i'm sure he may be involved... Even Arizona Wilder says he apart of a satanic group called "The System"... He has a large audience is all im saying in ref. to you. Have you seen him there at the Centers?

Donald Marshall - Only saw him on the bigscreen there... Talking tome saying dont go to him for help blah blah blah,... Never actually saw a clone of him,... But he was in the video farce with Jesse Ventura, (who knows all about Vrill lizards and cloning) in their staged bs argument on tv.. Seen jesse's clone there many times, and months ago was introduced to Alex jones's clone. They all know. It's incredibly vast. I dunnowho arizona wilder is but just so you know some of these "victims" are agents trying to throw people off with disinfo. 

Dunno why he was on big screen,... They usually talk to me clone to clone, but anyway yeah he is definitely in on it. He's been in it for decades... Knows about vrill how they bodysnatch... He might think hes in another dimension,... Not all of them know theyre clones,... But he knows.... Makes much money bullshittin about the truth too,... Should be shot really.


Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Drones vaguely get the memory of the host, but the human is dead no coming back... David Icke has been to the clo ing centers has seen them and me there, unknown if he is a drone but he and other disinfo agents have ratted out troublesome people to the NWO at the cloning center and the people get cloned and messed with and in some cases killed. drones dont shapeshift back... theres no magic to it its lizard parasites eye, dominates brain, shapeshifted to human drone... its a neurological biological takeover only... not a shapeshift or morphing.


  1. I think people mean that if you are around a drone long enuff and r a tad psychic you can vaguely sense their reptile nature fer a sec in the form of a temp shapeshift

  2. Hey Don! David Icke is the system sent by Anu (was up to 2007, Reptilian King -Race Draco). It is done interdimentionally (So called HAVEN existence with other systems like archangels,Angels,Goddesses,Gods,Guards(Stupidly I was by not my choice). Operated by the White light construct system. We are all actually the interdenominational beings came to 3D existence. All the system beings were captured interdimentional aliens and memory was completely wiped. Zapped. That is why we do not remember our some or many previous life after 2-3 years of our arrival. This earth is currently prison and so was Heaven. I was enslaved by Draconian! When we die, usually we were recycled and sent back to earth in very similar looks and life patterns. This time I am lesser version of me so my ability to learn another language is like retarded person. So forgive me for horrible writing. I am stopping my old programming here as one and equal as me as breath of myself here. I forgive myself that I allowed my self and accepted myself to be afraid to say what I needed to say and pleased others to make then greater then me. I no longer allowed and accept to put myself outside of the Equality. Jesus was fucked by Anu and innocently sent to the earth to save the humanity but he was killed by the system and the used his name to create religion and god concept. They even made the BuyBull (Bible). The cross is the actually allocation point (Grid lines) like we used have a cross as a cursor on old computer system. Also showing the dead person hanged on cross is the good fear factor to the sheeples like saying "This is what's gonna happen to you if you dare say anything against the creator". This is for now and sorry for long comment. Keep up your work. Appriciated. Soon all the secret will reveled right in front of our eyes and no one person can stop it. All the aliens on earth is man-made currently.


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