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David Wilcock

Donald Marshall (October 2012) - I messaged Wilcock for help in the beginning... Months and months ago,... Never got back to me... Then I find out he'd been sitting in the stands there like other disinfo people and "truthers" watching me get tortured and singing songs.... They were very confident in the beginning that there was no way the info would spread... People wouldn't be able to fathom rem cloning but they did.... So Wilcock came out to show off and talk to me... Whoever raised him had him sold out as a sex slave when young.... His radio show or whatever is illuminati run and is a reward to him for loyal service... Months ago he begged crying asking me not to mention seeing him there.... I didn't mention... Have now :).... He wasn't confident there... He acted very worried to be there... I don't think he has much say there... But he talks about what they allow him to... He isn't memory suppressed either... Was when he was a kid but had his "awakening". (unrepressed memory)...

Donald Marshall (January 2013) - Fulford is down with them.

Wind Walker - He is most certrainly . So is David Wilcox , Julian Assange , Alex Jones , David Icke ( son of a rabbi ) . They are all half breeds .

Donald Marshall - All complicit, they all know about me, cloning and Vrill. Met a few of them at the cloning center before.

Donald Marshall (Fri. June 12, 2015) - Listen to this, 7 minutes of recent David Wilcock. Nearly all factual. Says no one is going to want to listen to the likes of Lady Gaga or Katie Perry soon. LOL!!! Very true. David Wilcock is at cloning frequently, has been for a long time. We've met and spoken there several times. He's leaving a bit out though.:)

Secret blockade of our solar system by "Blue Avians"

Can't wait.

Domagoj Hrkać  - "i have all these dreams telling me that i'm gonna be extremely public and extremely exposed" lol

Donald Marshall - Lol He's only allowed to say so much. 

Danny Dion - Birds are getting serious

Dave McGregor  - So the solar system blockade is legit and they actually are all freaking out and such? End is near for them indeed.

Donald Marshall - This is gonna be cool.

Dave McGregor  - You expecting a party by the end of the year?

Donald Marshall - Pretty much.

Domagoj Hrkać - is this why everybody (the religious nutjobs in particular) gets crazy with september 23, the last bloodmoon, day of atonement etc?

Donald Marshall - Supposedly yes. 28th I think.

Simone Miller - What has he left out don? Interesting

Donald Marshall - That the birds bodysnatch too and are mean as well. About rem cloning, parasite hosts and lots.

Simone Miller - He makes out the birds are here to help, who can we trust?

Donald Marshall - Me

Simone Miller - Already knew that lol 

Donald Marshall -  :)

Donald Marshall (Tues. April 14, 2015) - :( NASA Officially Released An Article that Reveals Evidence For Ancient UFO Sightings

The big sphere on the lower right is one of the giant space station spheres that David Wilcock mentioned before. There are a lot of them.

Baman Dw - What are thwt used for??

Donald Marshall - To live on, travel with.

Donald Marshall - Top left.

Dave KnowThyself  - Are they good or bad

Donald Marshall - Bad

Donald Marshall (August 2014) - David a Wilcock is at cloning. Has met Ra himself. We've spoken there a few times. He leaves out a lot.

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Alex Jones, is really in it, or he was impostered, but I don't think so... They showed me the faked bohemian grove sneak in lol, that was all set up, they have guard that would never let him get that close or anyone... And they do all the real ritual stuff at the cloning center now... Jones in it, David Icke is in it, Wilcock is in it, Bloom and Steele are in it... Theyre all on the payrol. Talking about what theyre allowed to talk about,... Mind you they'd die if they talked, I'm surprised I'm still alive actually, was expecting an aneurysm by now...

Dave McGregor‎ (Tues. December 23, 2014) - David Wilcock just dropped knowledge about Cloning Center in his newest tv show episode. "The Cabal does have meetups just like in fight club where they gather a bunch of people and watch them fight."

Looked really nervous after he said it.

Ryan Deaner - Got a link, Dave?

Dave McGregor  - It's a paid video

Donald Marshall - Cooooool That little bastard had better redeem himself well. Fulford too.

Donald Marshall (July 2015) - He [David Wilcock] is at cloning. Is down with lying to the world as long as he benefits.

Kevin Craig (Mon. December 14, 2015) - 

Donald Marshall - Good.

Donald Marshall (August/September 2014) - Fulfrod and David Wilcock are both at cloning. Are Illuminati members. They say what they're told to. Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?

Dave KnowThyself (April/May 2015) - David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

Donald Marshall - Truth mixed with BS, Facebook blocked it to cause it to attract more attention. David Wilcock is at cloning, will lie for them and expects great reward.

Donald Marshall (May 2014) - Miles goes to the cloning center too... they were all involved in an upcoming deception... where as a LOT of "truthers" and "abductees" (including me) would lie and bullshit about the entire situation and be rewarded for misleading and confusing the world.

I refused, they all came out to chat, George Noorey, David Wilcock, Miles Johnson, telling me that I'll get the most... just go with the flow... I refused.

told them all in the end I'd tell the truth... and half of them would be getting hurt very badly... by the angry public. Now they all turn on each other. 

rats from a sinking ship,... and the ship is definitely sinking. 


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  2. he ( mr wilcock ) looks like a sex slave kid

    1. HAHA . I Wonder if that gets read in front of people at C center

    2. Just look at the video up top . I SWEAR he probably crossdresses . I feel bad ( ALMOST ! ) cuz he was born into it

    3. (John luck again but can't get into my Google page )
      Lol yes I hope they read this Infront of them . Soon they will be out in public with this all known
      @mother ,yes the video up top is what made me think he was a cross dresser lmao . "Pucker up , David"

  3. Wow ..'They earned the right ' they didnt .They sold their souls and purposely are messing up the youth for money and fame . I cant listen to smalc0ck . Its truth w lies like DM says . The people are gonna linch you . Keep rewinding ,its already too late . Even if it wasnt .Jesus STILL wins .

  4. I have a thing or two to say about Mr. Wilcock. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga did not earn shit. They have beautiful voices and can perform but they are sellouts. They go on and on about how "songs" just magically come to them in 10 minutes. Whatever my ass. There are a lot more "Donald Marshall's" out here who are being used for the creative writing, etc. And yes that includes me (it's in a different manner than DM). Mr. Wilcock is all about the cash. I am going to start talking soon. And it's not going to be pretty. I have documents, emails, photos and I will scan them in and start talking about what exactly happened on 7/11/10 when David and I had our first conversation on the phone. If he doesn't start talking soon, I will. I will put out his address, his phone number, etc and then he will need security at that point. Why do you think he was crying like a little bitch on the radio with Kerry Cassidy a few years ago scared for his life? Don't feel bad for him. He lives in a mansion while the rest of us eat dirt.

  5. David has beautiful eyes; it's a shame he's a traitor.

  6. I was wondering...He uses the masonic hand sign grasping his chin...which he really should know about...he is pushing the blue avians hoping they are trustworthy...from what I research bird-like creatures of the illuminati on the dollar bill and the symbolism are of a vulture like bird and are bad...just because there were statues (scary angry war like looking bird human statues) does not mean they were friendly. Blue is also bad = blue blood or something..alien? OR a non human entity not perfect in their pedigree as living souls are...Also his name referring to a bird might be indicative of alliance with illuminati etc...I love his material and now I wonder ... just like Ron Paul...he is part of a secret society...flashed the devil horns...It took me five years..Such a good actor. It seems like the only people to trust are outright jerks ...who are honest...You know?


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