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Dead Chipheads Run Vril

Donald Marshall (Thur. August 29, 2013) - Vrill are run by the dead chip heads... the deadheads are running the show. they wanted me to believe that it was all vrill orchestrated but it is not. Vrill want to be confined underground, forgiven and left alone... they dont think humans will go for that. Dead chip heads know they will not be allowed to continue existing. they don't only put the consciousness chip in clones... theres more behavioral side effects and you gotta goto camp david or somewhere every 6 months to a year to get a replacement body...So they find an unfortunate person, and put the consciousness chip in THEIR head and bodysnatch them using the technology. kinda like how vrill bodysnatch but technologically, instead of parasitic cell exchange.  Also,... countries like China and Russia that have aided vrill do NOT want the rest of the world to know they were assisting alien bodysnatchers. No countries would trade with them, no tourism nothing, they would be shunned by society. or worse.

John K Thompson - What if..Sorry

Donald Marshall - lol yeah I've been wondering about a solution to the dead freaks... doesnt seem to be one... gotta shut em down, theyre psycho.

John K Thompson - What if, and this is a big what if..we forgave them and tried to forge a better world together? If said offer is refused, we still must realize we're dealing with elite that, essentially, are mentally handicapped.

Donald Marshall - They don't think the world will forgive them, they've done too much.

Raja Rehman Pervaiz - Wow looks like you're a confidant, the vrill and chipheads always tell you how they feel???

Donald Marshall - for 32 years yeah.

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