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Die of Despair

Donald Marshall (Wed. December 19, 2012) - Illuminut's telling me as clones to commit suicide or clone torture will worsen daily. They could easily kill me by aneurysm whenever they want... They said they want me to "die of despair" I guess that means off yourself,... And the Illuminut's are saying that in the Nostradamus prophecy in one line in a quatrain it says the King kills himself. (they say thats me) and in some other prophecy it says that I'm the first to fall in the final battle of grand high muckie muk whatever... Can't be positive when theyre gutting clones of you nightly and havin Vrill bite you, burning your clones this that and the other thing... As Elizabeths clone is stabbing my clone while I'm in restraints I will blow her kisses, until my lungs fill with blood and I drown... Next clone they activate after that I'll try to be positive too lol.


Donald Marshall (Thur. December 20, 2012) - Its just like mechanical even,... Just everytime, open my eyes and someone looking at me about to say something and I'm like oh shit what now, then I pretty much just smash them if my arms arent restrained, I'm no slave prisoner,... So then a bunch of them beat me down,...then theyre talking... Its redundant foolishness... Only my real heart suffers physically besides the amazing annoyance of the monotony of it all,... I dont even make the songs anymore, or helpthem with commercials nothing,... No reason for me to be there,... They just bring me there to mess me up, but stop when my hearts in its extremes so I dont die in real life with a heart attack (they have my real life vitals out there) probably on chip somewhere and they stop until the next night to get me or if its messed up still bad they'll skip a night and activate a clone of me there the next night.... Grow a bunchof me's at a time, elizabeth says I'm the most cloned person ever cuzthey kill em somuch and go to the next one,... But they space it out so I dont die in real life from heart attack or aneurysm,...