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Discrediting Donald Marshall & Tila Tequila REM Clone

Donald Marshall (Wed. December 12, 2012) - The monotonous absurdity continues... Killin me bad, making me near disabled in real body with odd sickness, Hearts messed weak and beating funny, and no signs they are going to stop... one high profile wierdo after the other, because the celebs don't want to be mentioned on here anymore, SO they figure they will sewnd out Prince Charles to gut my clones while I'm in restraints, and when the idiots get tired of his rambling and the accent, they will send in Vladamir Putin, same thing, then His "holiness" the Pope, same thing little different methods and different accent, Then the Queen, ALL in an effort to discredit me if I should mention that the Pope and Queen Elizabeth and all these high profile people have been torturing clones of me. (oh he must be crazy, the pope would never do that lol) Only the most high profile people now,... with occasional appearance by Phil Reece, Canadian commissionaire and one of themost disgusting perverts they have there, and sweet Tila Tequila, who for SOME reason thinks that I am her only link to Hollywood and the celebrities... is using her "love" for me as a premise to come out of the stands walk talk and be seen by all of "the others" basically using me as a platform to show off for the celebs, but she has nothing to entertain with. Runs out of topics to talk about and starts bitching about one thing or another. 

I call her "Again Thien" as it rhymes and the scuzzy pig whore keeps coming back again and again,... Blabbin for an hour at a time about ridiculous things, but her voice becomes annoying to the rest there after a time, and people say they want to be deactivated for the night. They tell her to go sit down and let someone else talk, SHE CRIES!!! Screams I don't want to come here then,... Deactivate me and never bring me here again or I will rat on you in detail, she says "I dont care if you kill me or not". And they pause as if she has some kind of power there, I was curious why they'd want to keep her there. I thought she was an unwilling sex slave there, she is not,... She will desperately have sex with anyone there no matter what they look like, and the ancient people there think the only way they'll ever have an attractive woman without mind control is to have sex with her,... She does them all, (reclone) does them all until her clone's vagina is hanging off, (reclone) and continues... Doing this has given her some say there...and she uses this disgusting authority to victimize me lately... Over and over, thats why I call the filthy pig "Again Thien". It just keeps coming back again and again... Crying "but Donny, the love, we are meant to be" gets close enough or they blur my clones brain and the little scumbag pulls a knife from behind her back, stab stab stab stab, scrunching up her face really nasty like, then it comes back AGAIN, gets close and I kick it in the guts, knocking the wind out of her away from me, someone says "oh my Donny, you hit Tila, she has rights to vengeance now and is going to make you pay" stab stab stab stab stab... Shes a crackhead meth amphetamine addict and a schitzophrenic, a murderer and just an all around filthy pig, for lack of a better word. It is that redundant and worse... I was all stabbed up on the dirt floor of the arena, can't move can't speak, and some idiot in the crowd yells out "It's the Donny Christmas special!" and 400 something clones in the stands ERUPT in laughter whether they want to be there or not... Not joining in on the Donny hatred will get you looked down upon,... And the prime evils there bring their inbred mentally handicapped family members there and they each have a unique odd sounding laugh, and they each try to outdo each other in diabolic laugh, it's that absurd and beyond.

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