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Donald Marshall - Disney is fulla drones... and run by the Illuminati,... Nazi faction...

I still don't understand why people don't FREAK about all the children that go missing at disneyland and disney world... SO MANY KIDS go missing there no one even says anything until it's THEIR kid... everyone just changes the channel...

theyre taken underground .... its a horrifying situation...

It's drone city... that place will be bulldozed and the underground imploded upon itself, full in the hole with cement, lots of cement, and make Mickey's Nightmare land a parking lot.

Walt Disney is a chip head yeah, don't know what he looks like now or where he is though,... some rich man or woman somewhere in the world. Disney was a Nazi. Still is.

Most people think that Disneyland is a happy place, shiny lights nice happy happy, it's a pretty evil place though. Base under it. with tunnels leading to other bases.


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2016

    Have been told quite a few times I needed to go to Donald Marshall's websites.

    Looks like I wrote this. Bulldozed and imploded tunnels.

    I was raped in the Disneyland tunnels in Jan 10,1982. The tunnel ride stopped. All cars turned right and two lizards wearing satan costumes chopped off a goats head. Everyone else screamed but I didn't flinch (Project Mannequin will prepare you for these things).

    Oct 1983 when I was 16 I have been told I was an Army Ranger jumping out of the left side of a c130? and landing near a bulldozer. Project Mannequin prepares you as a supersoldier so it is possible for a clone of mine to be an Army Ranger at age 16 while I was watching at home on tv after high school.

    The Real Alex Rogan

  2. After reading this I searched kidnapping at disneyland. Found an interesting article about a father, and his son went to the bathroom in disney world. The dad walked out, and donald duck walked in. Ten minutes later his son still didnt come out of the bathroom the dad walked in and noone was in the bathroom or any stalls. Is there some secret exit, bathrooms arent that small, even in disneyland.

    If there are even a hundred children kidnapped why arent the parents outside the disney parks warning parents or protesting. Even if disney is connected to the illuminati they cant silence that many people can they ?

  3. Robot Chicken did a Disney episode where Walt Disney was a head on a spider with Elian.. check video.

    Walt vs. Elian | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

    Alex Rogan

    Did Donald Marshall have anything to do with this? Did he write sketch?


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