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Kim Mitchell - Go For A Soda

Donald Marshall - Did a lot of sword and spear fighting at the cloning center,,,

Aotearoa Kilumni - Were you trained by professionals?

Donald Marshall - Yes the hard way... pain is a motivational tool there... mess up, get hurt,... had me swordfighting other kids there when I was a kid, with short swords called "shoto" or wakizashi", They told me I had to grow into my big sword there... said keep working on it and youll get the sword... I didnt want to but they insisted,... even made a song about it. will post inna sec

Kim Mitchell Go For A Soda

It's not go for a soda,... its sword... Might as well go for the sword and nobody hurts and nobody cries, might as well as well go for the sword and nobody drowns and nobody dies...

I didnt want the sword or to swordfight but they said they'd kill me over and over as a clone if I refused to fight... I made many songs for the retarded kim Mitchell, he was there at the cloning center many times.

Jennifer Hernandez - Pic emphasizes heart...

Donald Marshall - :) I thought people might think I was glorifying Japan lol But yeah heart.

My hearts messed up now from it all...

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