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I Hate Being On Camera...

Donald Marshall (Fri. December 14, 2012) - Sorry I haven't made many vids, I hate being on camera, and talking about vrill and cloning stuff makes me sweat and feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown,... I can go on and do a couple songs or rap shit but I hate it so bad, its on a psychological level,... whenever I'd sing or rap at the cloning center as a clone, if I messed up or stuttered or stopped to think of a rhyming word they would hurt me bad in some way, so now when singing in real life I'm always anticipating pain of some kind, even if I'm alone, as it happened so many times,... and I could do some sword and spear routines and stuff but that pretty much does the sdame thing,... gives me flashbacks n stuff,... I will soon.

Also I judt don't want people to think I'm showing off or looking for attention, well not THAT kind of attention,... Tila and psycho "god" guy steven like doing videos, I really don't... I don't want to get famous in that way, or get rewards for exposing, I just want to ensure this stops and no one else has to suffer anymore at their hands... I think you understand what I mean...


  1. Hi Don , I forgot to tell you the good news , when our bodies will be divorced from our soul, God made ​​sure that after the judgment , one that is worthy of his paradise , sees all his sins erased , he more also erase all memories of the earth, so that one does not reminds marvelous things of this world. I preached to you not only give you hope and truth. For in heaven , can survive even the memory of what was wrong , you know ? France friendships from VIC ( previous message Exo- Vaticana )

  2. translator automatic is wrong, i dont know why, but if you see whay i mean : the wrong and bad not subsist in paradise et nobody remind about the devil or the wrong mistake


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