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Illuminati & Chipheads

Donald Marshall (Sat. March 9, 2013) - The Illuminati WANTED me to tell about the human cloning center and the Vrill lizards and hosts. But they didn't want me to tell about the dead consciousnesses on chip that the rich people bodysnatch with chip insertion in the brain to live again as a retarded semblance of their former selves. But... cats outta the bag now. 

Dead people should just stay dead...

Katie Wright Whale Song - The Elite have a belief that if they tell us about what they are doing and we don't stop them we are giving them permission

Donald Marshall - true

Douglas Henson - You were also talking back in june about how you "Kinda surprised em with the Vrill reveal"

But even before you said they didn't want you to speak about vrill, you were talking about how they did want you to, in order to have them become a scapegoat for the public to focus on instead of the royals and elites who were afraid of persecution.

That detail is not making sense to me.

Donald Marshall - they were back and forth with it,. they really didnt want me to tell about dead chipheads.

Douglas Henson - So the dead chip head issue is the big enchilada even more than vrill? They call it the "soulstone" right?

Donald Marshall - right,... but the vrill and cloning thing is big too,... people want vrill and drones gone, but the dead chipheads wanted to remain unknown, they dont want to be shut down. Or cease bodysnatching bodies from people

Celine O'carroll - My understanding is that they had to be seen to be against the disclosure of the vrill secret.....out of fear of the vrill themselves.....but in actuality they wanted it disclosed...Is this correct Donald?

Donald Marshall - they wanted cloning and vrill exposed with a big sugarcoated story,... and no kids there and other stipulatons,, and no mention of the dead people on chip... runnin around stealing bodies to inhabit.

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